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Kids Capture The Colour

by S1m

We have been taking part in a fantastic competition being run by Travel Supermarket – this time something for the kids to get involved in… ‘Capture The Colour’.

If it had been that easy I simply would have taken a picture of my living room floor when Liv has finished cutting and sticking paper everywhere… though the competition involved a camera being sent to Liv and her getting out and about and snapping anything and everything. I can assure you she did!

The premise behind the competition was to select 5 images relating to yellow, green, red, blue and white from our travels.

It has been ridiculously hard to go through all the images – well over 400 of them… there seem to be lots of belly shots for some reason, not mine I can assure you, otherwise the camera lens would have cracked!

So here we go…


Ok, so not necessarily on our travels, but the expression on our dog’s face sums it up! Liv loves to take pictures and there are generally several of each subject…



This was a hard decision as there were so many wonderful images, especially with wildlife in them. Though this image for me (complete with camera cord in the corner) sums up Liv and how much she loves snapping away.




We had a slight problem, Liv unfortunately left her lovely camera that had been sent to her at Auntie Beth’s after the wedding weekend. This meant one thing… I had to entrust Liv with my camera. On a recent outing to Chester Zoo, I bravely handed over my camera and let Liv snap away. I admit I did help her with the zoom but she proves with this image her hands are less shaky than mine!



I struggled finding a ‘Blue’ image that represents the colour… there were a few blue images… it appears Liv likes to take pictures of bottoms rather randomly! I think I am going to have to watch her.


One taken earlier on in our summer travels, before Liv received her camera, yet an image taken that brings back memories of a fantastic long weekend. Taken at the Goodwood Festival Of Speed, it wasn’t really Liv’s bag so to keep her amused I let her snap away with my phone and this is one of the most yellow images I could find that she had taken. Oh how I would have loved to have been at that particular stand!



And proving Liv can take amazing images, I assure you I didn’t bribe her to take this and I had certainly forgotten about it…

This post was written in conjunction with the Travel Supermarket ‘Kids Capture The Colour’ competition. We received a fantastic camera in order to take part in the opportunity.


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Mum of One October 13, 2013 - 3:31 pm

What a budding little photographer. I love the ‘yellow’ one.

S1m October 13, 2013 - 3:38 pm

I know!! I sat down and went through all the images and was literally in tears – some of the images were highly amusing but some were amazing! Definite Christmas present ideas!

Heather @ Bury Family Life October 16, 2013 - 8:44 am

oh wow, I love these. What a great photographer she is turning out to be. I loved the green one and the butterfly is gorgeous. As is the picture of you my dear x


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