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Busy Week: Brushing Teeth And Halloween Fancy Dress Party

by S1m

Friday was a ridiculously busy day especially as Liv returned home. Unfortunately she had missed trick or treating the night before but she was in for a day filled with surprises!

Firstly a Halloween inspired gift pack arrived for her, containing a rather awesome battery powered Disney Princess toothbrush and Hello Kitty floss sticks… alongside some sugar free sweets courtesy of the rather lovely Oasis Dental Care. Liv does love her sweets but I am a stickler for her making sure she cleans her teeth. Character toothbrushes are a great way to encourage children and the novelty of a battery operated toothbrush will ensure Liv keeps her young teeth in tip top condition.


After the excitement of the box especially for Liv, we found it was time to start getting ready for Heather’s Fancy Dress Halloween party. Our costumes were ready and it was simply a case of spending an hour on hair and make up. The party was fantastic, Heather and her family had gone all out with decorations and food and everyone  was slightly merry at the end of the evening… sign of a fantastic party! Obviously it was the end of of Sober For October blow out and Saturday was mostly spent on the couch, chilling and eating comfort food that piles on the pounds! Thanks to Heather, Jenny, Karen, Pippa and others for making it a fantastic night!


What I learned from the party?

* Never go to a party with the intentions of having one drink and driving home – it will never turn out like that and you will find yourself booking a taxi!

* Never rely on men to take pictures… they always come out blurry!

* Texting when drinking is not good – even Bridget Jones thinks so!

* If you want to see Pippa move like a bat out of hell then add Blurred Lines to your song playlist!

* It’s totally acceptable to swap Halloween costumes throughout the evening!

* I have the bestest mates ever!!

Here’s to the next party! 🙂


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Emma November 4, 2013 - 8:06 pm

Oooh sounds like a fab party! We got the toothbrushes too, my girls were very excited!

S1m November 4, 2013 - 8:22 pm

It was an amazing night – so lucky to have so many fantastic blogger friends literally living on my doorstep! 🙂 x


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