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New: Domino’s Dessert – Chocolate Twisted Dough Balls

by S1m

Takeaways have become a thing of the past since I have been on my health kick and weight loss journey. Though when Domino’s contacts you and asks very kindly if you will try their new Chocolate Twisted Dough Balls my diet was quickly halted. Everyone needs a little treat every so often and what better comfort food to chomp away at!

My daughter was in her element, she loves anything chocolate related and I was just happy to have the excuse to eat lots of calories!

When it comes to Domino’s I am a stickler for searching for a discount code, not only to save money but it also means I can order more food for my money. The only downside is that ordering so many sides means that by the time we are ready to start eating the pizza, we literally are stuffed!


Knowing that we definitely had to leave space for the Chocolate Twisted Dough Balls meant we both went easy on the starters. The great thing about pizza is it can easily be nuked in the microwave the next day – totally rock n’ roll! So I forwent my usual number of pizza slices and Chicken Strippers and dived straight into the Dough Balls.


I do not know what I was expecting, but mention the word ‘dough’ to me and I usually start drooling, though with added chocolate they were extremely tasty. My only criticism and it is only very slight is, more chocolate could be added. Though that is the case with any food… more chocolate can always be added… though a moment on the lips is a lifetime on the hips, so to speak!


Heated, the Dough Balls were very easy to bite into and munch away on. Within two or three bites they were gone, so it was a good thing there were several in the box! Usually we have the Chocolate Cookies, but the Dough Balls made a wonderful change from the norm and I will certainly be adding them to my order in future.

Disclosure: Domino’s very kindly gifted Liv and I with our dinner… and the chance to try Chocolate Twisted Dough Balls!

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