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Review: Orchard Toys – Who’s In Space

by S1m
Orchard Toys

I have always been quite vocal about my love for Orchard Toys, whether on the blog or in person. Everyone I know has at least one Orchard Toys game in their collection and there is a definite reason why… they are pretty awesome!

We were sent ‘Who’s In Space?’ (aged 3+) to review which is one of the latest puzzles in the range. My daughter is a huge fan of jigsaw puzzles so for her this was perfect and she got stuck right in. What makes this different is the fact it is also educational – a benefit that all Orchard Toys have.

Pictured are 5 planets, the International Space Station, a Planetary Rover and a Comet – great inclusions to help children learn about space and what is actually up there! My daughter has always been fascinated in space so for her this puzzle is perfect! Currently her dream job when she is older is to be a pilot – that may be down to the fact it was my dream job. I am awaiting the day when she states she would like to be an astronaut!

There are 25 decent sized pieces to the puzzle and as I have come to expect from the range, the pieces are of fantastic, thick, sturdy quality. The box has a rather handy carry handle on it too, making it perfect for travelling over Christmas. The quality of the range is what makes them ideal, not only at Christmas but any time of the year. We still have puzzles from when Liv was 1 years old – she turns 5 this Christmas… good proof that Orchard Toys products last even when well used!

163-567-022-pigs-in-pants-pack-shotPigs In Pants is another fantastic item in the range – for ages 4-12 years – a fantastic matching game perfect for 2-4 players. You need to adorn your pig with as many clothes as possible – watch out though as other players can also take your pigs clothes!

These are just a couple of suggestions from the range but you will certainly find something that your child will love for years to come!

Both have a RRP of £7.50.

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Jenny @ The Brick Castle December 9, 2013 - 10:40 pm

We’ve got both of them and they’re both very popular. Who’s in space is my youngest’s favourite jigsaw – he got it out earlier on today after nursery 🙂

Jen December 11, 2013 - 1:20 am

That looks great fun, will have to keep it in mind for Ben, he’s fascinated by space at the moment and we love orchard toys puzzles!


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