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Review: Dyson DC50 Animal Compact Upright Vacuum

by S1m

When thinking of the ‘King of Vacuums’ there really is only one brand that comes to mind.


I’ve never been lucky enough to run wild around my house with one before, so when the opportunity arose to put one to the test I couldn’t refuse. Anyone who has a child and a dog will understand my excitement at reviewing a Dyson DC50 Animal Upright vacuum. It quite literally is the bees knees!

For an upright vacuum, the Dyson DC50 is very compact and the handle can be compressed to make it even more compact – great if you suffer with storage like myself. The fact it is light and durable are extra bonuses, it certainly makes the stairs much easier and less of a chore. My arm muscles aren’t getting the same work out they are used to though! Don’t let the dinky size fool you though, the DC50 certainly packs a punch, especially with the suction.


The cornering deserves a post just of its own. This has to be the easiest vacuum I have ever used, it simply glides across carpet and laminate floors with great ease. The manoeuvrability has blown me away – the Ball Technology used on the latest Dyson vacuums is incredible. Instead of pushing and pulling in a straight line, the DC50 glides effortlessly for as far as you wish to push it.

The DC50 has made a difference to the carpets in my house, they do seem to be slightly cleaner – which at this time of year, when you have a dog who constantly has muddy paws is a great help!

When paying the best part of £300 for a vacuum, you really do want reliability and something that will stand the test of time. I think that Dyson have proved themselves worthy of both credits, which is why they always prove so popular.

With attachments for pretty much every scenario and some that even I don’t know what I would use them for, the DC50 is a nifty, little machine. I loaned out the vacuum to my fellow blogging chum Heather – who like me also has pets and children… but more of them..! The fact that she asked to borrow the DC50 again when her mum was visiting is testament to how great the vacuum is. Heather rated it very highly and also mentioned, totally unprovoked that she had noticed a difference in her carpets.

The only downside I have is the extension pipe – which forms the actual handle of the vacuum. For me it is slightly too long and the concertina pipe, albeit flexible, it is also too short. So for me doing the stairs and regular pipe cleaning is a little trickier than I am used to. However… as with all new things, practice makes perfect and I am sure once I am fully adapted to the DC50, it’s something I will not notice. It easily adapts to different flooring, which when I have carpet, laminate and tiles is a great help – you even have the option of turning off the brushes too when not required.

The greatest thing is that no bags are required, yes the dust compartment may be on the small side, however within two simple clicks the contents can easily be emptied in the bin and you can continue on your way. It’s weirdly quite satisfying to see how much it does actually collect..!

At first glance it may all look very fiddly and not as tough as you would expect, but do not let looks deceive you – this is a pretty robust piece of kit and my personal opinion is the Dyson DC50 Animal Compact Upright vacuum is worth every penny.


The fact the 2 tier Radical cyclones are purple also pleases me greatly – awesome colour and makes the vacuum more attractive… it’s fair to say it really is a good looking vacuum! The 2 tiers of cyclones pick up the microscopic dust – completely beyond me – however with cleaner carpets and less sneezing occurring in the house, surely it’s a sign they work!

If you are looking to invest in a new vacuum for 2014 then why not consider a Dyson cleaner at Argos!

Disclosure: A very big thank you to Argos who very kindly gifted me with the Dyson DC50 Animal Compact Upright vacuum in order to write this review. Completing the housework has never been as enjoyable! 🙂

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