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Review: Taste Inc – Super Yummy Microwaveable Snacks

by S1m

Nom nom nom nom… licks lips and rubs fingers on jeans to continue typing…

Well, one simply cannot resist the opportunity to try out a new snack… I say snack as it involves minimal cooking (a ding meal – awesome) and I have minimal washing up (even better!)

When Taste Inc contacted me to try their range of microwavable snack meals, it came at a time when I was rationing myself eating from the stress brought on by the start of an awesome new relationship. The thought of prepping and cooking food was not appealing, neither was waiting a couple of minutes for something to warm up in the microwave… but something that is satisfying, that can be cooked in under 90 seconds and contains less than 500 calories has to be scoffed! The chicken based sandwiches are also made with 100% whole chicken breast fillets!


I was sent the Chicken and Chorizo Baguette, Flamin’ Chicken Sandwich, BBQ Chicken Sandwich and Ham and Cheese Melt Baguette to sample. Admittedly I was dubious at first, having lived off ding meals as a student I know they can lack in taste. However I was very pleasantly surprised!

The sandwiches were of a decent size, something to really hit the spot and satisfy my hunger pangs. Perfect food for curling up on the sofa in front of a movie on a cold winter’s afternoon!

The sandwiches come with sachets of sauce to accompany each sandwich, so make sure you definitely check the packaging- obviously the sauce is added to the sandwich once cooked.

Each product has a set cooking time (all under 90 seconds) and following the times carefully, I found the food was lovely and hot and certainly warmed the old cockles. I love warm bread – toast, grilled etc – so I was very quick  to wolf down the sandwiches and even eye up a second. Not because I was still hungry but simply out of greed and because the Taste Inc range is very tasty!!

Taste Inc

The range is perfect for people on the go, who don’t have time to wait to eat and people like me who sometimes simply cannot be bothered moving for long enough because our mind is elsewhere. The products have a great shelf  life on them, so if you know you have a hectic schedule, it’s quite easy to stock up and be prepared. The fact that each sandwich is less than 500 calories is a bonus, especially when trying to find the mojo to kick start the New Year detox!

My absolute favourite sandwich – has to be the Ham and Cheese Melt baguette – a pretty awesome sandwich, that definitely hits the spot and is wonderful warmed up! You need to give the Taste Inc range a try for yourself, cooking a great snack has never been as easy! Check out the Taste Inc range here!


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