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Here We Go With The Weight Loss Journey Again!

by S1m

For the past couple of weeks, weight loss has been at the back of my mind, especially after a hideous bout of the flu. Luckily, after daring to finally stand on the dreaded scales, I was quite happy to find out I had only put on 4lbs over Christmas. I must have eaten less than I imagined I would, but certainly drank more 😛

So, today I have finally got back on the horse, it has been a crazy week and the thought of how easy it would be to call for a curry to be delivered is dangling in front of me. Yet, one of my New Year’s Resolutions is not to give into temptation in any way shape or form. Today so far I have eaten a Weight Watchers layered fruit yoghurt (1 point) a great start to the day and a Tesco prawn mayonnaise buttie… maybe not so great… however I will be finishing the evening with a ham salad wrap. It may not sound that thrilling or filling but I enjoy them and know I can fill the wrap with salad to bulk it up.

Weight Loss

The bike is positioned in the living room and I will be jumping on it tonight along with doing my usual sit ups before bed. The Shred DVD keeps winking at me and I know I should probably give that a go at some point this week… just not tonight!

I know I can do this (again) and I am still hanging on to the fact I am starting again still over 2 stone lighter than last January. Having a little read over my weight loss posts from last year will certainly help and give me the motivation to keep this going.

I was informed this week that Decathlon2 are running a new campaign in order to encourage people who want to lose weight. The campaign will involve 10 challenges and you can enter by videoing yourself completing the challenges. Prizes will be awarded at the end (quickest completion, best method, best setting, best dressed etc). There will be over 50 prizes with a grand prize of £500. The campaign will be launching soon – there is a sign up form at the bottom of their site.

So, wish me luck on my weight loss journey for the next week, I have decided not to bother with the scales for the next couple of weeks but just enjoy getting back into the swing of things.

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Jenny @ The Brick Castle January 16, 2014 - 9:35 pm

Best of luck hon! 2 stone down is a marvellous achievement. I wish I was 2 stone lighter than last Christmas! 😀


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