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Another Week And A Crazy Weight Loss

by S1m

It’s a new week with a totally refreshed outlook on weight loss. Today I have been to the gym, enjoyed some chill out time in the jacuzzi and sauna, come home and jumped on my bike for 10 minutes and done 80 sit-ups so far…  a normal day for most I guess. I will be jumping on the bike for another 10 minutes later and getting over the 100 sit-ups mar before bedtime… but for me this is weird!

What has spurred this on then? I’ve had to stand on the scales a few times to double check but I have now lost 7lbs… in a week… impressive… but not really. I’m going through one of my funny stages again where food turns my stomach and I cannot bear eating and if I do I feel awful. Liquids seem to be going down nicely though and with the birthday weekend fast approaching I know I need to start eating a little more. I can always gauge my weight loss with my ring I wear, when I’ve put some on clearly it’s hard to pull to my knuckle – at the moment I am struggling to keep it on. Can only be a good thing right?

I have been looking into what else I can do fitness wise, I just don’t feel as if I am doing enough. I know I need to attempt The Shred again – weird thing is I felt so much better when I did do it the first time around, so need to just remember that as I put it in the DVD player! A few people I know rave about how great fitflops are for weight loss and toning up and it is something I have been looking into. Though at the moment I am struggling to keep my tootsies warm enough as it is! I did notice though that there are fitflop boots which are perfect for the Winter months and still offer the same opportunity to tone. Definitely worth looking in to.

In the meantime, I am hoping I can keep up my awesome weight loss into next week, when hopefully I should have stepped down another stone level… bring it on!


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Jenny @ The Brick Castle February 25, 2014 - 12:04 am

Well done hon, although I worry about you not eating enough. You don’t want to ruin that gorgeous hair or skin by missing out on nutrients xx


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