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Getting Your Legs Out

by S1m
Get more out of going to the gym

From my current Weight Loss post you will see that I have been kicking the exercise regime heavily recently. Going to the gym is fine as I wear long joggers that cover not only all the lumps and bumps and ridiculously pale legs, but also my leg hair.

GymBeing a single mum, pamper time is often very limited and shaving my legs is something that is done with great speed and generally only covers a couple of inches above my ankle. Though having to get ready for swimming brings me out in the cold sweats as it means having to do a full leg shave. I’m certainly not brave enough to get my gorilla legs out in front of everyone at the gym!

I’ve considered laser hair removal before and know some friends who have had it done. They have all raved out about it and the greatest pro point is the fact it would save on so much time as hair would be gone… for good!

I don’t know why I didn’t join the gym sooner to be honest, Heather was trying to drag me there for so long and I just didn’t want to get my enormous behind into gear. I am absolutely loving it though and it certainly gets the endorphins kicking in and makes me feel so much better. I know laser removal treatment would make me feel much better!

The weight loss is still going well and hopping on the scales this morning I was pleasantly surprised to notice I had lost another 1lb. That makes 8.5lbs in about a week and a half. This time next month I am hoping to resemble a walking lamppost! I’m finding my blogging mojo again and I know that reading back over previous weight loss posts from the last year are going to help me keep up momentum. I did get very complacent last year – especially around summertime when it was lovely just to sit in the garden with a cocktail. This time I know if I can reach my goal weight for the summer I can hopefully relax a little more… with my legs out!

If you too are considering having laser hair removal, check out the Sk:n laser hair removal clinic blog.

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Jenny @ The Brick Castle January 29, 2014 - 3:52 pm

Laser hair removal would be awesome….because I’m blonde I can get away with it for a while, but it’d still save hours and hours of my life and always look good!


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