Why I Love My Home Town!

I love my home town, really I do! When I was 18, I thought it was the be all and end all and never wanted to leave… a few months later I moved down to the big smoke for 5 years and cried all the way home. Slowly over the last few years I have learned to love Bury again and am happy to call it home again.

A few things I love about my crazy town…

Everyone knows everyone – I kid thee not! Bury really does take the 6 degrees of separation to a whole new level. It really is such a small town that walking around the local superstore or simply into town always results in unexpected conversations with people you have not seen in a while.

Bury FCBury FC – I still recall the day my Dad told me to wrap up warm as we were going out. Turned out I was being taken to my very first (and first of many!) football match. It was time spent with my Dad on a Saturday afternoon and was the starting point of my love of the game. Unfortunately the team has changed somewhat from the days Bury beat Manchester City 1-0 at Maine Road, but I am sure that the team will have a turnaround! Recently Gigg Lane, the home of Bury FC became known as The JD Stadium as part of a deal with JD Sports, a company born and bred in Bury which sells Nike trainers amongst other sports brands. Very handy for me when I need my gym gear!

Black Puddings – Not everyone’s cup of tea, but you really have not lived until you have walked around Bury’s World Famous market chomping on a hot Black Pudding, something Bury is famous for! Maybe finishing it off with an Eccles cake if you are still feeling peckish!

Sir Robert Peel – The founder of the Metropolitan Police Force and Prime Minister from 1841- 1846. Bury really has been home to some famous faces… alongside Gary and Phil Neville, Lisa Riley (who was a house on my estate!), most of the Coronation Street cast and many more… who knows… one day Liv may even become a famous person from Bury!

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