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The Sim Is Back, Baby!

by S1m

Big up y’all peeps!!

The Sim is back in da house and is planning on causing mayhem! 😉

That is correct… I have been AWOL from blogging recently, quite frankly because I just haven’t been arsed… arsed with anything. The big ‘G’ stripping my PR aided in me losing my mojo.

Getting out of bed most days has been a rigorous chore that has only been helped with a drink before I crawl into my pit again.

To say my overly complex, constantly over thinking, immensely intelligent brain has been battered the past few weeks would be an understatement. I’ve literally been walking on air, kind of floating. I think I even described it all as I was reading a book and imagining someone else’s life.

In the space of a couple of weeks everything has fallen around me and for once I didn’t know what to do or how to cope with it.I’ve done and said things I am not proud of to intentionally hurt but in the process hurt myself more. Motivation to do anything has been distinctly absent and to be honest I was quite happy to say ‘fuck off’ to everything – my passport kept winking at me and the thought of going to the airport and asking to get on the next plane out of here was so appealing.

However… with the help of some absolutely amazing mates, who have wasted countless hours of their lives listening to me moan, I am back together again and running at around 75%… and I am reformed and quite proud of myself..!

I am definitely back on track… blog posts are being written, the cheeky grin is visible, the innuendos are in full flow, one is dressing to impress and my phone photo gallery is back to normal with questionable images that are being sent to me…

Oh yes peeps… The Sim is definitely back… watch out!



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