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Cry Me A River…

by S1m

I’ve gone and done it again, I’m clearly never happy with my lot and have kicked yet another puppy. (Not literally of course, I am an animal lover!!)

At school, I was a cheeky little minx and had a new boyfriend every 24 hours, my parents couldn’t keep up with the different boys phoning on the house phone (we are talking 15 years ago when mobile phones were the size of bricks and no-one had them!) so they gave up trying to remember names in the end. To be honest… I don’t blame them! Even I have forgotten who half of the men in my phonebook are!

I seem to have always had a problem with finding little flaws, in seemingly nice guys. Once a flaw has been found, it is very hard to ignore and in actual fact escalates into the one thing you simply cannot get over. I have a particular rule not to date Manchester Utd supporters, this is for good reason! Arguments always ensue and it starts to become a ‘my team is better than your team’ petty shouting match… that I always win… because Chelsea are in fact better than Manchester Utd. This is a current statistical fact boys! I also dislike the colour red, but weirdly it suits me, so I wear it!

Even at the age of 31, if something annoys me, I just cannot let it go. The worst insult to bestow on me is to actually hand me a bottle of really cheap, crap wine. Why would anyone do that? So, now there is a very sulky Needy McNeedy who was on the receiving end of being dumped this morning… I assume he will have realised by now that it certainly wasn’t an April Fool’s joke!

I’ve come to realise that I will probably never be truly happy with a man… I don’t think I am that fussy really… just hide your flaws well and never ply me with cheap, crappy wine! #Simples!

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Jenny @ The Brick Castle April 1, 2014 - 9:03 pm

I’m useless with wine, I rarely drink it and so have no idea what’s good. I tend to go with anything that costs a fiver and is on offer at half price 😀

S1m April 2, 2014 - 9:21 am

I don’t mind a £5 bottle of wine… but it has to have some taste to it!!! Just not gag preferably!! 🙂


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