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Top 4 Waterproof Accessories To Take On Your Travels

by S1m

Have you planned your summer holiday abroad yet? With the sun shining, and a number of delightful bank holidays coming up, I am definitely in the relaxed frame of mind.

The shops have started stocking up for the summer months with pastel shades and this year’s hot new sunnies. Just cannot wait to get shopping!

With an overly active youngster bouncing around, I don’t have the time, or the money for that matter, to invest in new accessories and technology for my yearly travels. However, over the past couple of years, I have come to depend on a number of vital essentials when travelling. Accessorising can make or break your holiday experience and during the spring and summer months, there are so many colourful and exciting options to choose from. It’s so easy to add your unique sense of style to your belongings.

When heading to the four corners of the globe, you have to be weary of your new accessories. They’re going to be battling the elements. In particular, the threat of water! All around the world, it’s common to have swimming pools and paddles in the sea (without the risk of coming down with a nasty cold). Us Brits are a little deprived in terms of the sunny weather front. It’s no surprise we LOVE embracing the warmth and water when holidaying. So what accessories have become so essential?



If you always wear a watch, it can feel alien when you’re made to leave it behind, and it becomes an vital accessory when juggling a family too! So make sure you get yourself a waterproof watch before it’s too late. There are so many options out there that don’t look like they were made for a five year old either. Cartier, Gucci, Chopard; you name it, that high profile designer supplies it.


Most of us invest in a cover to minimise damage when we drop our electricals, but what about water damage? Most, if not all, insurance companies don’t include water damage in your deal. This makes protects your items even more essential. Getting some covers for items such as your reading tablet is key. Not only will it help protect against water damage but sand and scraps also. Of course, still wouldn’t advise reading the latest bestseller in the pool though…



This not only a sprinkle of salt water on the lens you need to worry about. What about those cocktails, condensation and the suns ray too. Whether you decide to opt for a waterproof camera, or get a waterproof cover for your existing technology, there are SO MANY WAYS liquid can seep into your device whilst on holiday. Plus, underwater photos happen to be awesome…


You don’t want to be lugging round your usual heavy ‘full-to-the-brim’ leather satchel you carry to and from work around the Algarve do you? You need something lightweight for exploring new horizons. When considering a new holiday bag, there are a couple of things you need to remember. For starters; the size. Too big and you won’t be able to take it on the plane as hand luggage. Too small, and you’ll have to lumber others with your belongings. Secondly, and most importantly; durability. This includes finding some waterproof options to protect all of your belongings during long and exhilarating days discovering new sites and great cuisine.

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