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Review: Shaun The Sheep Spring Cleaning DVD

by S1m

Baaaaaaa… Baaaaaa… cue lots of mass bleeting…

Shaun the Sheep is back everyone and would you believe he is as cheeky and as cute as ever!

From the creators of Wallace and Gromit (‘More cheese Gromit?’), Shaun The Sheep is back with his new DVD, Spring Cleaning, available now, perfectly timed with Easter! It does actually remind me that I should possibly start considering my spring clean too!

shaun-the-sheepLiv was beyond excited when she received a copy of the latest DVD – as we are huge fans of the Aardman classics in our house (Wallace and Gromit rock!), we both sat down to enjoy the 10 short episodes (7 minutes each) on the Spring Cleaning DVD. The DVD also includes some extras which are detailed below.

As expected, Shaun, as the leader of the flock at Mossy Bottom Farm made sure he and his gang embarked on mass chaos! I love the names… not only does the Shaun The Sheep DVD appeal to the younger crowd, the adult humour is definitely evident and makes it a joy to watch, cuddled up on the sofa!

If like me you are not so keen on too much chocolate at Easter… Liv has already had her Easter egg and that is it… giving gifts such as a DVD is much nicer and longer lasting. Though I do recall one Easter when my mother thought it acceptable to give me a pair of black and white striped jeans from Marks and Spencer. I kid you not! I believe my facial expression said it all… ‘Next time, just buy me an Easter egg Mum!’

However I digress, with a running time of 70 minutes, the DVD is the ideal length for little ones. The fact the episodes can be paused or stopped for a time is also a bonus, as you do not lose track of where you are!

Featuring 10 brand new adventures including never before seen on TV episode “Let’s Spray”:

  • The Shepherd
  • Hard to Swallow
  • Bye Bye Barn
  • The Skateboard
  • The Rabbit
  • The Stand Off
  • The Coconut
  • You missed a Bit
  • Let’s Spray
  • The Crow


  • How to animate Shaun the Sheep using Animate
  • Behind the scenes – “Animators”
  • Behind the scenes –  “Directors”
  • Behind the scenes –  “Golly”

Shaun The Sheep Spring Cleaning is now available from selected retailers and is available on DVD and Blu Ray format.

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