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Stars In Their Eyes – Creating A Magical Kingdom

by S1m

A child’s bedroom can serve as a sanctuary away from the rest of the family and is often an area where dreams are made through imaginative play. In most houses space is precious, especially in families with more than one offspring, so it is worth having a good think about the appearance of your child’s bedroom. As well as being practical, through the appropriate choice of furniture, it needs to be an inspirational environment that fires up the little one’s imagination.

Of course, not everyone can be a design guru or DIY expert so it’s often worth taking inspiration from design blogs and interiors websites. At the Great Little Trading Company website for example, there is a range of furniture, gadgets and accessories you can draw ideas from. Sometimes all it takes is a quirky item of furniture or an interesting piece of wall art to give you inspiration for the entire room.


Let’s concentrate on the walls…after all, you don’t want your child’s bedroom to look like a prison cell, which it can do if you’re not careful with your colour schemes – particularly on rainy days when they’re stuck at home because their friends have gone away and you’re too busy sorting out paperwork that’s been stuffed away in a drawer for way too long to entertain them.

As well as choosing the paint – no easy task nowadays given the wide array of choice available, there are lots of other items you might like to consider in order to lift the visual appeal of the bedroom to something akin to a magical kingdom. If you want your child to discover the big world out there, there’s no better place to start than their own bedroom. A bedroom decorated with rainbow stars is one way in which you can make the room look good whilst also helping to take your child’s mind to a place far beyond the four walls. Rainbows and faraway places go hand in hand, while stars are a constant reminder that there’s another galaxy out there with all manner of adventures to be had.

As well as starry, starry nights there are many other accessories that can help you create the bedroom of yours and your child’s dreams, whilst also being educational at the same time. A world map, for example, need not be the boring old piece on paper stuck on with grotty sellotape of days gone by. GLTC sells a brilliant noticeboard that doubles as a map and also doubles up an ever so gentle reminder that being ‘Messi’ is only a good thing if you’re the world’s best footballer! Stunning picture frames placed together to form a montage is another simple, yet effective, way in which a plain wall can be made eye-catching and funky mirrors too can add a touch of class, as well as glass, to proceedings.

Post written by Anna Davies

Image credit to amy.gizienski 

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