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Simon… An Open Letter, Just For You!

by S1m

Alright Treacle… how’s it hanging?

* Waves… I can still see you!! 😉 Mwahhh *

I noticed you had popped by my blog… thanks for that Sweets, so very kind of you to feel the need to read my ramblings after all this time and add to my page views.

I do believe you are looking for something in particular, especially as you have used the search box in the top right hand corner… handy little tool hey? Weirdly, so is StatCounter, the plugin that allows me to see everything you read on my blog, where you have come in from, what you are searching for and more importantly… your IP address…! Tsk, tsk, tsk… I expected better from you!

See, I always told you that one of life’s greatest opportunities was to be underestimated. You clearly assumed that with a global platform at my disposal, that I would immediately jump on my high horse and dedicate a blog post to you… why would I do that? However, admittedly, this open letter is soooo much fun to write… in fact… it’s giving me more enjoyment than any of the times we ever spent together!

Incidentally, I believe I have already exclaimed ‘Ohhhhhh YES!’ several times already writing this post… something you never made me do hey?! Weird, considering all the experience you should have from putting it about so much!

So, in conclusion, because one would hate to disappoint you any more than I have done… you can bet your sweet ass that ‘that’ post will come…

When though you may ask! Informing you would spoil the fun and as aforementioned (big word, you may need to look that up in a Thesaurus!) I really do appreciate the page views! I am not as impatient as  I make out, especially when someone is squirming and worrying over what I will do…

I would sign off with ‘Yours faithfully’ but I was never yours anyway…

Best Wishes,

Simone x

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