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Fostering- A Role That Really Makes a Difference

by S1m

One of the most demanding and rewarding jobs is to be a parent; seeing your child develop their personality, laugh at the quirky little things they do and ultimately see them grow. However not all children have the luxury of growing up in a settled family where they are loved wholeheartedly and have parents who are around to watch them grow up.

This could be due to all manner of different reasons and is where fostering can come in. Offering the opportunity for a child to grow up and develop within a family environment is something that should be available to all, and foster care enables this for a large proportion of children in the care system across the UK.

With over 50,000 children living with foster families in England alone, the sheer number of children needing to be fostered is clear to see, with the Fostering Network estimating that approximately 7,000 new foster families will be required over the next 12 months in addition to the 43,000 families already fostering in England at present.

With this in mind, we have team up with Foster Plus, one of the UK’s leading fostering agencies, to run through some of the benefits that can arise from being a foster parent for all those who may be considering taking up a role that really can make a difference to a young person’s life.

Enjoy a Sense of Achievement

There is nothing more rewarding than the sense of achievement you feel from bringing up a child and leading them along the right path. By being a foster parent, you will be actively helping a young person by providing them with a family unit that they can become a part of and feel comfortable in; an achievement which should most certainly be applauded.

Take on a Fresh Challenge

No matter what your age, fostering enables you to take on a fresh challenge. Whether your own children have grown up and moved out or you have never had children of your own, becoming a foster parent brings a child into your life and throws up all the challenges that come with it.

You’ll have no option but to learn new skills fast alongside becoming a role model and somebody to look up to for the person in your care, so if you are up for a new challenge and all the responsibilities that come with caring for a child, fostering is most certainly a suitable option for you.

Provide a Safe and Stable Environment

A child will benefit greatly from a safe and stable environment, allowing the opportunity to express themselves and experience day to day family life. As a foster carer, you can set up this kind of environment in your own home and see the positive impact this can have on a child’s development and attitude first-hand.

The love, care and attention you provide within this environment will also go a long way to creating the desired atmosphere and help to develop a true bond between you and the person you have in your care.

Make a Difference to a Child’s Life

Arguably the biggest thing you can get out of being a foster carer, alongside the everlasting bond you’ll share with the children you care for, is the difference you can make to a child’s life. You could well be saving them from a life path scattered with difficulties and sadness by welcoming them into your warm and friendly family environment.

Helping them to develop on both a personal and intellectual level, you can see them grow up into confident and happy young people, and whilst they won’t live with you forever, you can rest assured that you’ll always hold a very special place in their hearts.

Fostering, whilst they may of course be difficulties along the way, is likely to be one of the most rewarding things you will ever do, so if you think you can make a difference to a young person’s life by becoming a foster carer, get in touch with your local agency today.

This post was written by Oliver Kyle in partnership with Foster Plus, an agency committed to providing the very best in all that they do.

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