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Online Dating: A Change Of Scenery And More Screenshots

by S1m

Well, after a couple of weeks trawling POF, like a child looking through an Argos catalogue at Christmas, I am still no further in my quest to find ‘A’ man… I gave up on perfect a long time ago! The conclusion is that online dating sucks!

For a site based solely on looks, there are some real horrors on there. I know we all can’t be beautiful *snort* however, at least attempt to smile in your profile picture… the one that gives a lasting, first impression and determines whether I am going to click on your profile to play Grammar Bingo (how many SP&G mistakes have they made on each line).

The profiles that have got my back up the most are the men who involve their children – either pictures of themselves with their children, or in some cases just random pictures of their kids, without the gentleman in question in sight! What the shizzle?! Why would you do that? Sympathy vote? Damn straight! My sympathy however lies with the kids, as I am sure they will be ecstatic to realise when they are older that their father proudly displayed pictures of them on a dating website! What is even more astounding is the fact that most of the women are just as forthcoming with including their children. *Facepalm*

Well, after a Bank Holiday weekend where I could have had umpteen amazing screws and a dalliance with a stalker who purposely sat at the table next to me in the bar on Friday after messaging me on POF, I decided to give OKCupid a try. I have no idea what I expected in all honesty, more of the same rubbish as the site is free to use after all. It seems there are more educated people ‘available’ on OKCupid than POF, a delight to my eyes which are constantly offended by streams of text speak messages from POF. Though, with the ability to be literate and construct a sentence, also comes the ability to be slightly more tapped than the people of POF. I never thought that was actually possible… I was wrong… so wrong!





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