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It Only Takes A Minute Girl… To Fall In Love

by S1m

‘Everything will get better, you will see… it all just takes time!’

If I hear that ridiculous cliché one more time, I may actually scream! It is true though, oddly enough. With time everything does seem better, clarity does shine through and ‘everything happens for a reason’… another cliché I love to detest!

My phonebook has more than doubled with contacts in a couple of weeks, many are men who I cannot  remember, who’s name I cannot connect with a face or profile as my friends and I tend to give them crazy names. Such as ‘Trolley boy’ or ‘Cat man’… sounds slightly crazy but you would be surprised at how many men share the same name. Giving them their very own, unique identity makes in an awful lot easier for us when we come to gossip about them!

Online Dating and in all fairness dating in general is only great for destroying your soul. Why should I waste my time and in theory my life wondering if my phone is going to ping with a new message. Unfortunately time cannot be rewound and The Watch Hut do not stock a time machine, I have checked!

timemachineWith this in mind, I had the master brainwave of going to the pub to watch the Liverpool v Chelsea match at the weekend. Well, it made total sense… at the time! Surely the best way to meet someone is to actually get out there, face to face and meet in a natural environment. I should point out that a pub is a natural environment for me! So there I was, talking separately to two ok-ish looking lads, conversation was flowing, Guy 1 informed me about his girlfriend who actually came into the pub at half time with their daughter. Guy 2 showed me pictures of his newborn baby daughter. Crashed and burned on my first attempt, I could not believe it… though I am not deterred… the next pub is only another couple of hundred yards down the road… it will just take a little more time to get there!

Collaborative post.

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