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Review: Socialites Zero E-Cigarette Tank

by S1m

It was a bitter-sweet day when I opened the packaging that held my new e-cigarette tank. My ‘thinking sticks’ have got me through so much stress and anger in the past few years, I almost felt like I was betraying them by giving them up and moving to a Socialites e-cigarette tank.

Socialites had very kindly sent me an e-cigarette tank to review, along with some menthol e-juice to keep me going and help me on my ‘giving up’ journey.

Admittedly I have always been curious about e-cigarettes, with a handful of questions about them. Do they actually work? Is it an easy transition to using one after smoking cigarettes? Can they help with relieving stress the same way as my thinking sticks do? More importantly… can the Socialites tank actually save me money?

Assembling the tank was easy – with two main parts even I struggled to get it wrong! The tank pack comes with a sturdy case, lanyard and USB charger (£29.99 for the set).  Adding the e-juice was equally as easy as assembling the parts and I have been surprised at how long the juice lasts. With many different flavours to choose from at a price of £9.99 for a 15ml bottle… you certainly get a lot of puffs for your money!

Socialites E-Cigarette Tank

What I did struggle with at first was the transitioning. I still felt like I needed an actual cigarette and for this felt that I clearly wasn’t doing ‘something’ properly. Though I was informed by a friend who uses her e-cig full time, that there is a transitioning period and I wouldn’t move to using the Socialite tank solely straight away. With this in mind I felt an awful lot happier and have found in the past few weeks of reviewing the Socialites e-cigarette tank, that I am smoking a lot less.

After just investing in a double pack of ‘Clearomizers’ (I chose purple – pack of two £9.99) and more menthol juice, I am hoping to move solely onto the tank in the next week. Thus saving an awful lot of money and making that trip to Barbados slightly more achievable.


It was good to know that after ordering my supplies from the Socialites site, they arrived the next day, in discreet packaging too. Not that I would ever let myself get to the point of running out, but it was good to know my purchase arrived the day after placing my order.

The tank is very discreet and actually aesthetically pleasing, it fits nicely into my pocket or bag and certainly makes car journeys an awful lot easier. I have noticed users behaviour towards e-cigarettes. People seem to be more embarrassed about using them than actually sparking up a normal cigarette. Why? I have just spent the afternoon in the pub with my family watching Chelsea beat Liverpool in the Premiership title race and had no problem puffing on my e-cigarette when needed. For me,  drinking and football are the times when I most find myself smoking so it was a big test to solely be using the tank. It worked, I was fine with my sporadic bursts of nicotine and Chelsea won… bonus!

The great thing about e-cigarettes is the fact they contain no tobacco and none of the carcinogenic contents (the bad stuff!) that normal cigarettes do. They do however contain nicotine which is what smokers crave.



Easy to maintain, you literally recharge the body of the tank with the use of a USB connector. I need to charge it up for less than 2 hours every week, that is with mild to moderate usage. Using it more frequently would require more frequent charging. A clearomizer is good for around 10,000 puffs… so the amount of money you can save by using a tank is amazing!

I am looking forward to moving onto the tank and packing thinking sticks in once and for all… hopefully my bank balance maybe a little happier too!

* I was sent a Socialites E-Cigarette Tank and pouch, along with a bottle of e-juice for the purpose of this review – The Tanks are available in a range of colours*

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