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The LoveMaster: The Perfect Mattress For Sex – Testers Required!

by S1m
The LoveMaster Mattress

Living life in the single lane can have its upsides and many, many downsides… but mostly it’s fun and provides hours of endless gossip!

Getting ready for a date is the easy part, especially when considering how hard it is to find an intelligent, good looking man around the 6ft mark… it’s the ‘after’ the date scenarios that are never really considered in finer detail.

The ‘after’ part referring to ‘the bedroom’.

Tidying up, hoovering and changing the bedding takes minimal effort and in all honesty, so long as a bloke can find his way to the bed, even if it means jumping over a pile of clothes, he will be happy!

What about the actual bed though? Ohhhhhh the bed… what if you could make your night of hot, wild passion slightly more interesting?

What would you think if I informed you (whether single or in a relationship) that there is a perfect mattress for sex? I shall repeat… THE perfect mattress for sex?! I kid you not…

This is where The LoveMaster comes into play, no it is not my alias, albeit that would make an awesome online dating profile username! The LoveMaster have taken bed hopping to a whole new level, in the ultimate quest to find a mattress that offers comfort, flexibility and most importantly makes sex more fun than it already is!

Collating information from bed testers who were more than happy to put different mattresses to the test, The LoveMaster were able to create the perfect sex mattress featuring 2cm of natural latex foam, 1000 pocket springs and a knitted cover. The findings are very interesting and you can check them out yourself on The LoveMaster site.

If I had this particular mattress, I may actually use the quote “I’ve got a bed that’s specially designed for shagging at my place. Would you like to see it?” A definite novel approach, but fear not… you could actually be using that quote yourself as The LoveMaster are looking for testers to review their new sex mattress. If you would like to give the mattress a full once over, check out the site and register your interest at The LoveMaster.

Happy screwing lovelies!

Collaborative Post.

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Heather April 28, 2014 - 9:17 pm

The perfect mattress for sex, where do I sign up? I need a new mattress and I really need some good sex. 😉

S1m April 28, 2014 - 9:34 pm

Sign up chick… sign up!! I would definitely expect a go at bouncing around on there… not in THAT way mind… no matter how desperate I get!


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