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I Have My Annual DIY Bug Again!

by S1m

I realised earlier, whilst staring at my beautiful red feature wall in my bedroom, that it was exactly a year ago that I painted the wall. Which in theory means it has been a whole year since I actually motivated myself enough to do any DIY in my house.

Clearly the gaffer taping of my living room curtain pole does not count!

Now that the weather is heating up slightly, I am wondering what I can possibly ‘do’ around the house to tidy it up and refresh.


I really do think it’s about time that I decorated my living room, especially considering the wallpaper I chose has been waiting, neatly rolled up for several months now.

I really liked the Thomas Sanderson shutters I saw in a recent brochure, something different and would give me more privacy from my nosey neighbours!

There will be a feature wall in the living room but I have yet to decide if the television will sit back on the wall or if it would be better back on the cabinet – lots of decisions to make.

I did find that the wooden venetian blinds are a nice alternative to what I currently have. Although I love the duck egg blue print on my current blinds, they are looking tired and worn, even though I never use them. Due to having a bay window, ideally I would love to open the area up as it will certainly make the room appear larger. I have always found installing bi-folding doors in a lounge can also help to open up space and create much more light… they also help when you have children who like to run around the house!

My grand plans are pretty awesome, I really just need to find the time, money and motivation to do it. Always starting out with the best intentions, I tend to get side tracked and nothing is ever 100% finished… may just call someone to do it for me, it may well be easier and the job would certainly be completed!

Though whilst the sun is shining and I can top up my tan, I think I shall leave my DIY plans for another day… it’s a Friday… I in theory clocked off yesterday! A collaborative post.

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