Home Post Online Dating: Jon Ronson’s The Psychopath Test Answers A Lot Of Questions!

Online Dating: Jon Ronson’s The Psychopath Test Answers A Lot Of Questions!

by S1m

When Heather recently gave me a copy of Jon Ronson’s ‘The Psychopath Test’ I did not know whether to take that as flattery or an insult… but I was given the instruction to find time to read it and I would be surprised.

Upon opening the book and reading the first page I literally could not put it down, despite my eyes so desperately wanting to close! The book is ridiculously funny and Jon’s writing style keeps the reader engaged whilst they are subconsciously enlightened on the differences between someone being mentally ill and a psychopath and how their traits differ.

The first chapter certainly made deciphering a recent dalliance easier… Needy McNeedy, another guy in my life, a lovely bloke but clearly haunted by demons, it was quite obvious he suffered with post traumatic stress disorder due to being in the Army. Unfortunately I was never going to be able to help him, to give him the security or love he so desperately needed. His behaviour was erratic yet there was no real ulterior motive and no need for second guessing why he did things. At the time, I did not realise this, the book helped me realise this.

The second chapter of the book, regarding ‘The Man Who Faked Faked Madness’ is particularly humorous until Jon delves deeper and realises that ‘Tony’ although extremely convincing does actually have psychopathic traits… scary!

Reading the first couple of chapters has certainly put my ‘over thinking mind’ into perspective. It’s actually quite normal, though the book has made me realise that sometimes things just happen – there is no other reason, no conspiracy, no ulterior motive. They literally do just happen.

My mind has more clarity now when trying to navigate around online dating. I know I have written a couple of posts on the funniest messages I have received, as has Heather. My problem always was that I would assume if anything went wrong then I was the problem… it’s quite easy to blame yourself as an immediate reaction. Anyone who stated ‘You aren’t the problem, they have the problem(s)’ would normally be on the receiving end of a raised eyebrow and a scoff. Such a cliché and exactly the phrase friends use to cheer each other up.

Though it is true! Take my recent date… what happened it just beyond crazy… I cannot even put it into words, it would certainly make an epic chapter in my memoir put it that way! To most it would be unbelievable… I can categorically say I would only ever under exaggerate what occurred!

So, for now, I shall somehow find time to finish the book and move onto another Jon Ronson classic – The Men Who Stared At Goats… whilst still attempting to find someone on my wavelength… it is going to be a long journey!

Infographic courtesy of Johnson Law.

Collaborative post.

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gail May 6, 2014 - 1:05 pm

I love when it said “You are not the problems, they have the problems”

enjoyed reading it 🙂 xx

S1m May 6, 2014 - 1:13 pm

It definitely is a fantastic book!! 🙂


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