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5 Affordable Home Décor Additions Under £20

by S1m

Looking around your living room and getting a bit bored and tired with what you’ve seen every day for what seems like forever? Chances are you make do with what you have out of necessity – after all, redecorating will cost a small fortune, never mind the time you’ll have to dedicate into getting it finished. With work, family and just trying to keep on top of all our existing commitments, most of us simply don’t have the time to spare!


We all know that the simple touches can make a big difference, but choosing the right additions can get bewildering – and not to mention expensive! This latest guest post runs through five effective yet affordable home décor additions that you can use to make a big impact – without spending more than £20.

1. Novelty Bookends!

Cost: From Around £15

From: Notonthehighstreet

Bookends hit the double jackpot, being both practical and with the ability to add some subtle style to the room they’re in.  By service a practical purpose, your bookends won’t make your bookshelf feel cluttered in the same way that typical ornaments would so they’re a great way to make an otherwise ordinary bookshelf stand out. Novelty is a good way to go, and these ‘pushing man’ bookends we found on chic shop Notonthehighstreet are perfect – and fall within our £20 limit!

2. International Ornaments (e.g. Sitting Buddah)

Cost: From £9

From: Wilko

The addition of a few select ornaments go a long way in giving the room they’re in a given feel or ambience, and using internationally-themed ornaments can help to give a room a really cultured touch. This affordable sitting Buddah we tracked down from Wilko’s is subtle enough to not be too garishly overstated, but still has enough of a visual impact to create that renowned relaxing atmosphere. Barely reaching £10, it’s well worth a look!

3. Decorative LED ‘Twigs’

Cost: From £15

From: Tesco Direct

A great alternative to flowers or other plants as they won’t die, these decorative ‘twigs’ are growing in popularity – you’ll almost certainly find them anywhere that stocks home design goods. Place them in a large floor vase and you’ve got a great decorative piece for the corner of a room, and with no maintenance either – ideals for those of us with incredibly busy lives! These nicely affordable decorative twigs we spotted from Tesco are adorned with simple white flowers containing LED lights, making for a great decoration and a really effective way to change the room’s ambience.

4. Candle Lanterns

Cost: From £2

From: Ikea

Nothing sets a warm, relaxing and welcoming atmosphere like a few meticulously placed candles – but you’ll be forgiven for getting a bit bored of your standard tea lights. Thankfully, decorative candle holders don’t have to cost the earth. These lantern-style candle holders we spotted in Ikea do the job, and are just decorative enough to add to the ambience but not so ostentatious as to command a higher price. Under a fiver each, it’s the cheapest thing on our list but still making a noticeable impact.

5. Canvas Prints

Cost: From £7.54

From: Custom Canvas

Canvas prints are a great choice because not only can you get a range of really beautiful prints from existing photos and famous scenes or landscapes, there are plenty of places who will print up your own photos onto canvases for you. The great thing about these is that they don’t have to be expensive; they’re rarely much more expensive than buying an ‘off the shelf’ print, yet you get the added bonus of it being unique to your home! At under a tenner, Custom Canvases range is an excellent choice for our budget list.

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