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Keeping Trim While The Kids Are In

by S1m
Get more out of going to the gym

‘As soon as the kid’s in nursery, I’m getting back into the gym’ is something you might hear any friend who has just had a baby say. Of course, by the time the child is in nursery, child number two is on the way and they’re saying the same thing again. You can see a pattern developing here! Apparently, many gym dropouts are mothers who overestimate the amount of time they’ll have to spare during the average week to devote to body toning and fitness regimes.

The good thing is that you can have a child and still get some exercise, if you invest in gym equipment. There’s plenty of choice, and you could put the kid down for their afternoon nap and burn off a few pounds before they wake back up for din-dins. Of course, you need to sort yourself out with some exercise space. Whether it’s a corner of your bedroom or an entire guest room, you can equipment in all sorts of shapes and sizes from the space-gobbling multi-use machines to the smallest of portable items, such as a simple chin-raise bar which slots over a door.


Your second constraint will be budget, but once again you don’t have to break the bank on a state-of-the-art machine. You could go with a simple (but incredibly effective) resistance band.

‘But isn’t it enough that I do all of the housework?’ you cry. After all, with all of the bending, stretching and lifting which goes into the average day spent at home, surely we ladies have no need of any extra equipment to attain and maintain desirable fitness levels. In fact, experts are now putting forward the theory that although any form of movement is obviously more desirable than sitting at a desk all day, general housework duties cannot fulfil the body’s requirements for high-quality exercise.

The type of equipment you require will be governed by your exercise needs. A simple toning programme requires some degree of resistance, such as using resistance bands. That said, you certainly won’t fall off if you go for some weights, kettlebells (which seem to be the in thing at the moment) or a resistance machine.

Cardio equipment raises the heart rate which provides oxygen to the heart and lungs and gets the circulation working properly throughout the body. Exercise bikes, cross trainers and rowing machines are all great examples of cardio machines that can you buy and then use in the home. You can divide your time much better between your training regime and the kids — although some might say bringing up kids is a training regime in itself!

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