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My Favourite Holiday Destination

by S1m

It’s this time of year, when the weather is glorious and the temperature is on the way up, that I really do want to go on holiday. Literally jump on a plane and go somewhere lovely, where I can chill on a beach, preferably with an alcoholic beverage and simply stare at the tranquil blue sea.

Having a rest sounds like an awesome plan, though I know what I am like and I do crave adventure.

One of the greatest places I have ever been on holiday has to be Las Vegas. It really was a city that never sleeps, there is no concept of time once you are in the vast betting halls in the casinos… there are no windows and no clocks… it’s all very weird but all very cool!

Las Vegas

The flights to Las Vegas aren’t too bad actually from Gatwick, I believe it took about 7ish hours to get there. We had an 8 month old baby in our party too and the baby was as good as gold!

A relative is going to be flying for the first time with their toddler soon so I gave them a handy tip of going to Home Bargains, my favourite store and stocking up on lots of crayons, colouring pencils, activity books, stickers and anything you can think of to keep the toddler entertained. Then wrapping them all up separately in wrapping paper.

I have done it before with Liv and it definitely works a treat! Unwrapping new gifts that they can then go ahead and use it a great way to keep children occupied for longer than you would expect! It would certainly make a trip to Las Vegas a lot easier with an older child.

Las Vegas is one of those places that everyone must visit at least once, I found the poker tables quite intimidating, even though I have a highly tuned poker face. The slot machines however are great fun and with my lucky streak I actually made a slight profit… which was then spent on a lovely pair of Uggs! I had best crack open the holiday brochures and start planning my escape!  A collaborative post.

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