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Sorry Tesco, You Have Lost Me Through Bad Service

by S1m

*Update… since publishing this post, Tesco have apologised twice more and yet the tent is STILL in stock on the site. It would be funny to attempt to buy it again and see what happens but after 24 hours wait my money AND Clubcard vouchers have still yet to be refunded!!*

If there is one particular word that I do not like, it is the word ‘Sorry’.

It is overused but for all the wrong reasons. Mostly people do not actually know why they are using it and say the dreaded word as they are at a loss as what to say. We even use the word when things aren’t even our fault!

However, I will use it correctly when I say ‘Tesco, I am sorry, but you suck and you have lost my custom.’

Times have changed recently and consumers are even more savvy these days when it comes to spending their hard earned money with retailers. Which is possibly why consumers are thinking with their feet and shopping elsewhere, meaning Tesco are suffering with their worst sales in decades, according to the Guardian and pretty much every other media source out there!

What happened to me yesterday was the final straw in my love/hate relationship with Tesco and the reason why I am taking my wonga elsewhere. After trawling the Internet and local camping stores for a reasonably priced family tent for the past few weeks, I really did think I had hit gold when I came across a Gelert tent on Tesco for £70. Not too shabby, especially as I was able to use my current Clubcard points and make it £38! Even better was the fact I could have it delivered to my local Tesco Express for free. Ha, huge bargain and I was highly impressed with myself. I had sourced a tent and saved a lot of money in the process… camping was ago go!

However all was not as I thought it would be.

I received the email stating my tent was ready to be collected… complete with a picture of said tent.

I almost skipped into the Tesco and asked the good looking Manager for my parcel, informing him it was a tent and should be easy to find. Five minutes later he emerged looking confused, saying he would need more time. I agreed to nip back in an hour.

When I did, he stated it was a sewing machine. A sewing what what now? He brought it out, to prove he wasn’t joking. There was nothing he could do except say my least favourite word, sorry.

A phonecall to Tesco was met with 10 more uses of Sorry, along with the tent is now out of stock… long term. No offer of an alternative, just a sheepish… ‘I will refund your money back’ – but what about my tent Tesco?!

So, instead of originally stating it was out of stock and saving me the time and trouble of venturing to the Tesco, twice and calling them, some half wit Tesco employee decided to choose a different item for my order and send me a sewing machine.

Long story short, I am now without a tent, starting back at square one, but at least Tesco are ridiculously apologetic, as that’s all they can be. A sorry from the half wit would be much more appreciated rather than faceless Twitter handlers who have no idea what they are apologising for. I could have quite easily kept the sewing machine which was worth a damn sight more than the tent! You are very lucky I am honest Tesco!

I have been extremely inconvenienced and now have to find a tent with very short notice. I don’t want anything from them, I just wanted my bloody tent!! The offer of a drink from the good looking Manager may smooth the deal out 😉

Tesco have lost my custom and instead I shall be shopping more in Aldi, we have a new one opening up very close next month and to be honest I really quite like their Frikadellen and a weekly shop is so much cheaper there. They are also selling tents at the moment too…

It’s not just me that is influenced by shoddy customer service though as the following atests to, however not all is bad and we do have to praise epic service too!

We all love little surprises alongside good customer service, Abel and Cole have impressed Dorky Mum and made her smile!

Courier drivers are supposed to deliver our goods, however sometimes things can go horribly wrong as Boo Roo and Tigger Too found out. Even going on a nice day trip can result in bad customer service – I am right there with you love!

Sometimes though, a company will surprise us and show they have a great sense of humour, alongside offering good customer service as Mummy Barrow found out when her son asked Domino’s for a Dinosaur!

Actually Mummy has hit the nail on the head with believing all complaints about service should be embraced as an opportunity. This does NOT mean an opportunity to say sorry, but to actually put it right and make the customer smile and remember you for the right reasons! Fab post and well worth a read! Tesco even get a mention about their lack of good service too! Bloggers will promote good service too, especially when experiencing that extra mile.

It’s not just Tesco that are lax though as Tired Mummy of Two found out. I shall definitely be checking dates on all products before putting them in my basket from now on!

So, Tesco, not just me that you have annoyed or inconvenienced. It seems that sorry just doesn’t cut it anymore. Change things, offer great customer service and maybe drill it into your employees that they should see complaints as an opportunity. Sorry is the hardest word to say after all!

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Mummy Barrow June 5, 2014 - 12:14 pm

Companies really need to take on board how they handle mistakes. And when they wonder why the are losing millions of customers, as has been reported for Tesco recently, ask themselves why. it is not just because a new Aldi or Lidl is in town. It is because people are fed up with stuff like this.

I am sure this was not the only tent that Tesco stock. Maybe they could have accompanied the “sorry” with a solution to the problem. “Look this is our problem and we are really sorry, so we see that it was the four person blah de blah you have ordered. As you know that is no longer available but the four person dum de dum is, though it is an extra £50. We are sending this one to you directly, to your home so you don’t have to travel to your local store again, and all at no extra cost to you”.

Hasn’t really cost Tesco a damned thing.

You might then be writing a blog post like Dorky Mum did.

And more importantly, still spending money in Tesco next week and next month.

S1m June 5, 2014 - 12:22 pm

Exactly! Tesco should remember what their own motto is and actually stick by it! Unfortunately bad customer service sticks with us and we will talk about it, we will moan about it and we will make damn sure everyone knows about it!

I would have loved to have written a lovely post like Dorky Mum did, sometimes it’s the small things that make the biggest impressions!

No alternative was given, just a ‘there is nothing we can do’ – not exactly trained in up-selling are they?

Oh well, my money will be spent elsewhere, with companies who actually want it!!x

Actually Mummy... June 5, 2014 - 12:19 pm

It is so so easy to get it right, even when you’ve made a mistake, that it drives me crazy that so many get it so wrong.

S1m June 5, 2014 - 12:24 pm

Absolutely! An alternative could have been given, with next day delivery and everything would have been fine. Now, I have my money back but still have no tent and all my plans have fallen through. Thanks Tesco… every little helps 😉 x

Heather June 5, 2014 - 12:30 pm

And they wonder why they are losing customers. It’s not just because they are over double to price of Aldi and Lidl for weekly groceries but that they clearly don’t give a fig about their customers. You’d think in the days of declining profits they would be going all out to attract their customers back.

S1m June 5, 2014 - 12:33 pm

You would have thought so wouldn’t you – but then it is so easy for them to say ‘Sorry’ and assume everyone is happy. If the shoe was on the other foot how would they feel? Terribly let down. They should be doing all they can to attract rather than repel!!

Joanne Mallon (@joannemallon) June 5, 2014 - 12:30 pm

It’s so true that times have changed, and this in turn has changed the way we shop. Everything is more expensive, especially food, and people have much less disposable income so we are careful what we do with it. Shops that put profit above people are making a big mistake, because without people there would be no profit.

S1m June 5, 2014 - 12:35 pm

Never a truer word said! Tesco no longer monopolise the market and you would have thought they would be well aware of that! Maybe they just don’t give a damn, or at least the people who work for them don’t. It isn’t good practice though and it is not surprising to learn that they are suffering with their worst sales in decades. Stop trying to change things and just give us what we want… good service and reasonable prices!

Ruth June 6, 2014 - 5:07 am

Thanks for linking to me Sim!

What a bummer, sounds like you’ve been really let down. I’m really starting to get the impression that people are getting tired of dealing with such big companies, because when mistakes are made it’s so hard to hold them accountable. Even if it costs a few quid more to shop elsewhere, in a smaller chain or a local independent, it’s money well spent if it means you get a more personal service and more meaningful interaction. Xx

S1m June 9, 2014 - 1:11 pm

Independents and local companies are awesome. Whenever I walk into the butchers, not matter how long it has been they always remember me and ask after my daughter. Larger companies just do not care – you are a debit card number and not a face. Just like a millionaire will never spend his millions but will always look to make the next… sad really!

Boo Roo and Tigger Too June 6, 2014 - 4:30 pm

In times where most companies need our custom you would think that they would understand that they have made a mistake and resolve the situation but no. It seems that they think that magic word ‘sorry’ will fix everything but sadly it doesn’t. Hopefully they will refund your money and clubcard points soon so you can hop over to Aldi for better customer service.

Thank you for including my customer service issues in your round up.

S1m June 9, 2014 - 1:10 pm

Anytime chick! Yes, the service is not good and it’s only just got worse – the refunded clubcard vouchers cannot be used for another 2 months!! They don’t make that clear do they, when you buy something off their site – especially when it’s THEIR fault. Totally lost it with them now! Even given up smoking so that I don’t need to go in 😉 HARD CORE!

Jenny @ The Brick Castle June 7, 2014 - 8:36 pm

Aw boo. That’s bizarre. I am flummoxed enough when they deliver without apples and say there wasn’t an alternative, or when they swap out my cake decorating icing for some birthday candles, but I’m not seeing how a sewing machine can replace a tent! It’s not exactly going to be comfy to sleep. Maybe they thought you could knock one up yourself? 😀

S1m June 9, 2014 - 1:08 pm

The are buggers I tell you – the points have gone back on my card but I cannot use them for 2 months until the next statement. WHY? Not my bloody fault they cocked up royally! Still kicking myself over not keeping the machine but then I have morals… unlike Tesco!

Pinkoddy June 9, 2014 - 1:40 pm

These companies are nightmare aren’t they.We took back one of Asda’s finest chickens – which clearly states a refund and replacement if not happy. They agreed it was green but refused to both refund and replace, and our local asda is 13 miles each way away.

Good luck with the tent but step away from the man – remember your dettox x

S1m June 9, 2014 - 3:37 pm

That’s not great at all – shocking in fact if they publicly claim to offer an refund and replacement!! Arrrgh they will be a victim of their own success one day!


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