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Where Would You Jet Off To At Christmas?

by S1m

This year is flying by too quickly for my liking and before I know it, it will be December and then my heart will break. As this will be the first year will be the first when I do not spend Christmas with my beautiful daughter, she instead will be with her father.

I have already been preparing for how I will be kept busy, having informed everyone to stay put as I will be leaving on a jet plane! For a while now I have wanted to rock up at the airport with a packed bag and my passport and ask for a ticket on the next plane flying out. Have you ever wanted to do that? It would just be my luck it would be to somewhere ridiculously cold, so maybe I should have a few back up options!

SantaI have experienced some very hot climates with the places I have visited at Christmas time, but in all honesty I have always wanted to go to Lapland. Being such a big kid at heart, it will be me rushing to sit on Father Christmas’ lap to tell him my Christmas wish list! A holiday like that does take some preparation though and saving up. It will be worthwhile me looking into Lapland holidays 2014 as it would be such a lovely surprise for Liv next year, when she is of an age to appreciate the Real Santa Lapland adventure.

Having a friend who has lived in Lapland is awesome as we have already heard so many stories and are prepared for how cold it will be at that time of the year. It all sounds so magical though and an experience of a lifetime. Considering we had no snow at all last Christmas, it would be lovely to go somewhere it is definitely guaranteed to snow by the bucket load!

So… if you had the opportunity to fly away on your own at Christmas time, where would you choose? Would you choose a warm destination or would you holiday somewhere more in keeping with the time of year?


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