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Fun Exercise Ideas For Young Mums

by S1m

The day to day routine for a young mum can be hectic to say the least. Between changing diapers, driving to school, cleaning and cooking (just to name a few) the list of tasks seems endless. Exercise often takes a back seat when raising children, understandably. Even when there is time to spare, getting back into a regular workout routine can be a difficult task.

Many mums claim they would rather take their alone time to rest and relax as a way to recharge for activities that come with raising a child. This seems valid; however, even the slightest bit of exercise can help in restoring energy, increasing metabolism, and even improve your mood!

Where should you start? There are plenty of fun exercise routines that are simple enough that anyone can do them. For beginners, it is important to remember to take it one step at a time; simplicity is key. You won’t want to jump into anything that will burn you out so much that you won’t go back for more! Remember, just like you tell your kids, “take it one step at a time.” Here are a few cool examples of workouts that are great for mums…

Just Dance!

Dancing has quickly become a favourite exercise for all ages and demographics. It is a great form of fitness that is both fun and demanding. Whether you have good rhythm or not, anyone can have fun with it while breaking a good sweat. Many gyms offer dance classes in a variety of styles and genres; you just need to find the one right for you! For those fans of fashion you go above and beyond by wearing latest dancewear and shoes! Sites like www.movedancewear.com offer a wide range of styles and designs.



Yoga is another form of exercise that is extremely popular, especially for young mums. Many have contemplated with starting on a Yoga routine but don’t know where to begin. There are many different forms of yoga available so start you will want to do some research to find which one fits you best. Beginners to the practice of Yoga will typically being with Hatha which is generally a slower pace and goes over the basics in poses. Other popular classes include Bikram yoga which takes place in a warm room to help loosen the muscles.  Check out what is available at your local gym or studio and give it a shot! Most places offer a free trial class to see if it is a good fit!
Enjoy the outdoors!


You don’t need to buy workout DVDs or pay the monthly membership costs at gyms to exercise! Just going for a walk by yourself or with your kids is a great form of exercise, even if you don’t notice it. Utilize your local park and for a nice jog or bike ride! It is even wise to take the kids with you to get out and play with them. It’s an exercise in itself just trying to keep up with them! A collaborative post.

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