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Why It Is Important To Get Outdoors!

by S1m

Technology such as computers and smart phones have undoubtedly made our lives so much easier – but at what cost? These days, it seems that we have reached the stage where we find it difficult to operate without technological support and it is the first relaxation choice for many after a hard day.

As a result of this electronic revolution, we are fast becoming sedentary and reluctant to take the time to enjoy the great outdoors, to bask in the sun and revel in nature. We are missing out; big time!


It is important for our physical and mental health to get outside as nature intended. A walk through the park or bicycle ride around the suburbs is good for you and it’s fun! Younger adults and children who want turn their outdoor adventure into more substantial and energetic exercise could consider something like skateboarding for fun. Skateboard companies such as Penny Skateboards are well equipped with various shapes, sizes and designs to suit every member of the family. Check out a Penny board to see if it’s right for you.

Whatever you choose to do once you’ve left the couch, the important thing is to enjoy your time outside and make the most of the benefits. If you are still not convinced, here are just a few of the reasons to get out of your chair and into the open air.

Path to Exercise

Studies show that people who spend more time outdoors are fitter and healthier. This is because being outside makes us walk and do other active things while people who stay inside sit more. It may be a subconscious urge to move, but even a stroll is better than nothing.

Boost your Vitamin D

Time in the sun helps boost our vitamin D resources, which in turn helps the body’s immune system fight a large number of potentially fatal illnesses such as heart attacks, cancer, osteoporosis and depression. You just need to be careful as the UV rays from sunlight can also cause skin cancer. Make sure you wear a sun screen that blocks UV while allowing the skin to absorb the vitamin D.

Better Healing Attributes

Doctors believe surgical patients who have access to outdoor areas during recuperation will find themselves on the road to recovery faster than those who stay in bed. Even just a view of the outdoors will improve a person’s ability to heal. The healing attributes of natural light are thought to be both physical and mental.

You’ll be happier and brighter

Being out and about, absorbing nature and its natural light, is a clear mood lifter. Look at people in a park and compare them to those waiting in a windowless room. Those outdoors are happier, more relaxed and seem to be in a better frame of mind to take whatever comes their way. Doctors who treat children with ADHD also report that these children focus better when or after being outside. This is true for everyone.

So next time you feel the need to relax, forgo the television and remote control and instead head outside. You’ll find that after a ride, a brisk walk or even a slow stroll around the park, you’ll feel better than ever.</

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