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Finding Design Inspiration In The Streets of London

by S1m

It’s difficult to know how best to revamp your home, especially when Good Housekeeping continues to publish photos of gorgeous yet achievable million pound home interiors. If you’re struggling for ideas but feel the itch to jazz up your home, take a trip around London and you’re guaranteed to return home brimming with ideas. To help you on your travels, HouseTrip have come up with this handy little Where To Stay Guide, and it’s full of tips and tricks for working your way around London. Check out their compilation of hotspots, ranging from quaint little shabby chic teashops to edgy and arty alleyways in Shoreditch. Here are a few favourites in terms of interior style executed to perfection in the city of London.

Le Petit Boulanger in Lambeth is a perfect example of that simple chic with rustic French elements. Aside from their delicious products, their hard work is presented in gorgeous woven wicker baskets on dark shelves, muddled in amongst worn vintage signs and stylish ‘rough around the edge’ wooden boxes. With clean and neutral foundations, shabby chic can be the perfect way to give your space a little life.

If sophisticated elegance is more your thing, head over to Pretty Cuppa on Brick Lane. This beautiful little patisserie has a warm neutral coloured wall and they have given the place distinct character by way of sleek glass bottles and dish covers, pretty little cake stands and various little trinkets that comply with the theme. Brick Lane itself is a hive of colour and has a truly unique look, so for something a little less wholesome, be sure to take a stroll.

A few steps away from Farringdon station is a marvellous little pub called Ye Olde Mitre, which looks more like someone’s plucked out the heart of a pirate ship and plonked it in London than anything else. Barrells outside, dark wood throughout and intricate panelling behind rich leather booths, stools and benches. The stone floor is a sight to behold, as is the green fireplace, and dark beams stretch across the ceiling, littered with an array of vintage jugs. The whole place exudes an essence of warmth, despite the dark colour scheme, and you could definitely find some great ideas tucked away with this historical pub, alongside a good choice of beers.

If you’re dreaming of something a little more ‘city smooth’ then get yourself over to Paramount at Centre Point. It’s sleek and modern interiors ooze the classic suave subtly areas of London are famous for, with bulbous and innovative glass lighting complete with an array of angular and matching furniture. A favourite design aspect are the crisp white tables and chairs in the viewing gallery. This would look great in a living room, though maybe the glorious view of London can be substituted by a large canvas of the big city’s skyline.

So get off Pinterest and go to London for a great day out gathering design ideas for your home!


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