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Stay Safe Online Quiz – How Safe Are You Online?

by S1m

The bank app on my phone keeps telling me to update so that I can now transfer money even quicker to friends and family… for a start, why would I want to do that (!!) and why, if it is not broken, would I want to ‘fix’ it?

I am a grumpy old bird at heart and a creature of comfort and do like a phone… to do, well, what a phone is actually supposed to do… make calls!

stay safe

I do however like technology, don’t get me wrong! Online shopping is one of my not so secret guilty pleasures. I am always careful what sites I use though especially when making payments and tend to use the same, trusted sites in order to stay safe online. There is only so much we can do to protect ourselves online… have you ever thought about how safe you are online?

Why not take this really easy and quick test to see how safe you really are!!

A collaborative post.

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