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Is It A Tipi Or A WigWam?! It’s A Bloody TIPI!!!!

by S1m

Two weekends ago the sun was shining down, the tan was being topped up and I was stuck in the middle of a field with no access to my home comforts…

So what exactly was I doing?

I was camping, but camping in style in this most awesome tent…


Tentipi had very kindly lent us a family sized tipi to put to the test (You can check out our camping posts over at Manchester Mummy!) so that we could experience camping for the very first time.

Super easy to put up (10 minutes, single handed for a camping novice is quite good!) and definitely the focal point of the camp site that weekend. We had numerous people coming up to us asking to see the tent and all were amazed at how epic it was.

Along with Heather from Bury Family Life, we had decided to travel to the Peak District to experience the absolutely stunning scenery and general peace and quiet. Middle Hills Farm was the perfect starter camp site for myself and Liv, we absolutely loved it. Liz and her husband were absolutely lovely and everything you needed was at your disposal. I was surprised to see fridges and freezers freely available around the camp site. This made storing our frozen cocktails slightly easier 😉

I was very surprised at how much I enjoyed my first foray into camping. The lack of home comforts was bearable but as soon as I returned home I did jump straight into the bath for an hour long soak. Sleeping in my own bed the first night back was bliss, but thanks to our Snugpak sleeping bags we were certainly comfy and cozy whilst snoozing in the Tentipi.

I will definitely go camping again, I mean, who doesn’t enjoy sitting around drinking all day in the middle of a field?!

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