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Busy Mums Are Good At Juggling!

by S1m

Anyone who has faced the clamour of hungry kids, mixed in with the complexities of contemporary life, will understand the dilemmas of trying to produce a plate of nutritional food on the table on a daily basis.

Here are some ideas to help you in this task. 

Inspiration for great suppers

Everyone loves chips. Whether you use McCain chips to go with your barbeque burgers, or you decide to enhance your carbohydrates with an exotic salad, you’re guaranteed to please everyone.

A clever mum will try to produce a plate of food that will cater for all tastes but that’s easier said than done. Fish fingers love chips, but so do chicken, burgers and veggie salads. If you’re having a hard time introducing the family to some new recipes, then a side accompaniment of chips will always help.

If you’re having a hard time introducing the family to some new recipes, then a side accompaniment of chips will always help and you can find great recipes for different chip options on the BBC’s food site.


Fish and chips 

There are plenty of recipes for fish and chips and if use fresh fish then you’re supporting your local fish industries. As for the batter, if you only keep your deep fat frying to once a week, and keep up with your exercise healthy-eating regime then you can enjoy fish and chips as part of a healthy, balanced diet.

You can also choose to use breadcrumbs instead of batter for your fish’s coating if you want something even healthier (and just as tasty).

Chips with everything

It’s not just fish that makes a great companion for chips. The Daily Mail recommends different types of chips that you can use to enhance almost every meal and that means that no matter what’s on tonight’s menu there is sure to be a chip accompaniment to match!

Even if you have little in your food cupboard, use your imagination. Fling together a salad, use some yoghurt or sour cream as a dressing and serve with a few chips for a light meal with distinction.

Alternatively, if you buy some fresh fish, and make a cucumber salad, then add the chips, you could then create the ultimate in gastronomic simplicity.

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