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What Type Of Home Buyer Are You?

by S1m

A splash of sunshine makes everything look so much better, weirdly enough, the summertime is the most active time for buying and selling houses. Strange then that I bought mine at New Year, I guess I just knew it was the house for me!

Surely it is not just the aesthetics that you notice when pulling up to a house that sells it to you though? Having a good look inside and outside the property will ascertain whether you can move straight in or if you will need to roll up your DIY sleeves to make it habitable. Just remember that a house will always look entirely different with your own belongings inside – you need to walk in and see a house as a blank canvas.

It is always a good idea to visit a house you may like several times before you put in an offer, visit on different days at different times – helps you gauge what the area you may be living in is like.

For me, I am all for moving straight in, some do like a live in project though… what about you? Why not take this fun ‘Art of Home Buying’ quiz and find out what type of home buyer you are!

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