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Photography Tips: How To Take That Perfect Holiday Shot!

by S1m

Photography really is not my strong point in the slightest.

Which is exactly why I can justify the need to take numerous selfies until I am happy with only one particular shot… I think you would call me a poser 😉

It is so much easier these days, with the ability to take pictures on your phone – there is no excuse why a special moment should ever be missed. In fact, there is no reason why there wouldn’t be picture bursts of the said occasion… you know, in order to end up with the perfect shot!

I understand that the rule of thirds is quite important when taking ‘that’ shot, the shot that you are immensely proud of and want to be showcased. Though I really never find the time to stop and wait till I find the defined angle, snap otherwise the moment is gone.

It would be amazing to finally one day have a lesson in photography, from someone who is patient and can help me snap that illusive power shot.

Having a look around the internet, I came across some simple tips for amateur photographers on Photobox – things to remember include:

  • Not standing too close to your subject.
  • Working with natural light, as it is by far the best type of lighting.
  • Talk to your subject – make them feel at ease and you will shoot some amazing natural poses.
  • Use props with children – a handy tip and as above it will be easier to achieve a natural pose.
  • Shoot at eye level or above.

The summer is perfect for picking up amazing colour shots, especially if you are due to go on holiday. One of my favourite destinations, just for colour alone is the Caribbean. All the flowers are so vibrant, pinks, purples and reds that never fail to astound you.

Here, currently in the South of France, I am surrounded by greenery, lots of it… Oh… and onions!




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