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Hi-Tech Houses: How Technology is Helping to keep our Homes Clean and Make Life Easier

by S1m

Most of us take great pride in keeping our homes clean and tidy, and anything that helps make the task of keeping everything spick and span easier will always be welcome.

There are now so many hi-tech gadgets and technologies available for domestic use, from robots that can vacuum and mop the floor to machines that are designed to rid the air in your home from any impurities and pathogens.

You might not have a hi-tech housekeeper in the form of a robot just yet, but it is quite likely that a fair number of the gadgets you are using to clean your house contain technology that is light years apart from the original devices that families before us had to cope with.


Steam cleaning your home

Steam cleaners are a good example of how consumer-based products have benefited from technology.

Companies like karcher are renowned for incorporating the latest high-tech developments within their products and this can be seen when you consider the power and cleaning capabilities of a steam cleaner.

Although steam cleaning is a simple principle, using technology to combine pressure, speed and temperature to create microscopic steam particles that can penetrate even the most hard-to-reach crevices to dissolve dirt particles, puts a lot of cleaning power in your hands.

Healthy environment

Vacuum cleaners and steam cleaners are two products that help to remove dust and dirt from your home, and there are other household technologies available that can clean and purify the air around you.

There are now products available that act as both a light bulb and an air purifier. You can now find an energy efficient CFL bulb that is not only good for the environment and your energy costs, but incorporates negative ionization.

This means that your kid’s night light could be providing comfort and security, whilst silently working away, cleaning the air of pathogens and germs with its clever technology.

Laundry room goes hi-tech too

Many of us are now aware of the cleaning power of steam and you can now even get a washing machine that uses steam to clean your clothes.

When you look at the screen for one of these hi-tech washing machines, it looks more like a DVD display than a washer. It even has a play and pause button and an LCD screen where you can choose to use the refresh cycle to use the steam clean option, which neutralises odours. Even better news is that you shouldn’t have to iron afterwards.

Permanently clean door handles

Even the most diligent homeowners can struggle with the threat of bacteria and germs being transferred and door handles are always vulnerable spots in the home, especially when you have kids.

A door handle that has a self-sterilisation system has been created and uses a UV lamp to continually sterilise the surface of the handle. This keeps it clean, and when the door handle is being used the lamp simply turns off. If only they fitted these devices in public toilets, many of us would be a lot happier and a lot healthier too!

The perfect cuppa

Another everyday object that has now benefitted from a hi-tech makeover is the kettle.

Something so simple, just boil and make yourself a cup of tea or coffee, can now be programmed on certain models to set the temperature to different levels. You can now get the perfect cuppa and improve your energy efficiency at the same time.

No more dimmer switches

The days of the dimmer switch appear to be numbered as well.

The lighting manufacturer Phillips have created a Hue Light that actually connects to your wireless network and three smart bulbs, so that you can create the perfect atmosphere in your room by adjusting the brightness and colour via your app.

Technology is always evolving and these products and ideas are an example of how it is easier than ever before to keep our homes clean, and our lives that bit easier as well.

Brooke Grant enjoys keeping up with the latest changes in technology. Her articles mainly appear on homeowner blogs where she gets to share her research and ideas.

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