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Car Care Tips: Taking Care Of Your Car’s Interiors

by S1m

The inside of your car, unlike it’s outside, is not all one material. Therefore, when it comes to cleaning the interior things are not as straightforward. The reason for this is that each surface requires its own type of product or method of cleaning for best results, and deciding on these can be half the job. Luckily, there is a wealth of advice, tips and tricks out there that can help make the job easier.

How to maintain a clean interior

Whilst there are plentiful tips and products for cleaning your car’s upholstery, why not prevent the need to clean it in the first place. If taking care of your car’s interior is your primary concern, then it would be best if you’ll invest in car seat covers that can provide utmost protection to your original upholstery.

If you do stain the upholstery, one quick fix for this is to spread toothpaste on the affected area. Using a damp cloth, wipe gently at the stain to remove at least some of the stain before it dries.


Tips for cleaning your car
Aside from the usual suggestions, such as vacuuming and removing rubbish, there are some tips that are less known and would make cleaning a car’s interior much easier.

For a discoloured or stained surface, the best way of cleaning it is by using an appropriate cleaning solution and wiping the affected surface with a microfiber material. The solution should be sprayed on the cloth, rather than the surface as too much moisture can promote the growth of mould.

For leather surfaces, it’s important to apply a cleaning solution that doesn’t affect the way the leather feels. Also, to prevent scratches, you will need to purchase a cotton towel that is slightly moist.

Using these tips

With these tips, the job of cleaning the inside of your car will be more effective and less damaging to the surfaces. Also, pro-active choices like car seat covers will mean you will have less of a job in the future.

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