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Do You Grow Your Own?

by S1m

It’s National Allotment Week (1st-10th August) and there is no better time to start planning what you vegetables and fruits you would like to grow.

I have tried my hand at it in the past and have managed to successfully grow strawberries and a wimberry tree rather randomly! The satisfaction from sitting down to eat food you have grown yourself is great… but that is not the only benefit!

Saving Money

The initial outlay is literally in packets of seeds to start you off on your vegetable growing journey. Make sure you have a nice flat space in your garden or allotment for the seeds to grow but simply turning the ground over, weed free and regularly water. By having plants growing and easily available in your own garden cuts down on supermarket shops, which are never cheap as who actually walks into a supermarket and comes out with only the one thing they went in for?

Being able to pick your own produce when actually needed will result in less wastage too!

Added Nutrients

Supermarkets tend to use pesticides, artificial sweeteners and preservatives to help fruit and vegetables to grown and look nice, healthy and fresher for longer. Most fruit and vegetables are available all year round simply for this fact. Growing your own produce is all about seasons and by using less chemicals to grow your own, you will reap the added benefits!


Being social

Growing your own produce is more social than you would expect. Avid growers have great tips and tricks in order to get the best from what you are growing. My father grows a lot of his own vegetables, mainly due to the weather in France but also for the reasons mentioned above. My parents French neighbour called around with a large bag of tomatoes whilst I was holidaying with them and he trundled back to his house with a handful of beetroot and onions. Almost like a swap-shop for vegetables.

Growing your own produce is fun for young and old and with minimal outlay to get you kick-started, it is a great form of exercise and the health benefits from being outside in the fresh air outway any other! Get creative and get growing!

In collaboration with BettaLiving

Pictures are taken from my Father’s vegetable patch.

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