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Oh How I Hate Hangovers!!

by S1m

What a day already!!

If I could rewind 12 hours I would jump at the chance! Too much drink and not enough food ends results in one very squiffy Sim and a horrendous hangover.

To spend the day snuggled up on the couch would be perfect and very much appreciated… alas… after having the best part of 2 weeks off for a couple of holiday breaks, it is time to get back on it and catch up with hundreds of emails.

My day had already started by the time Heather dropped by this morning. Literally out of the shower, I heard the key in my door and realised I needed to throw something on. Reaching for my jeans and red cardigan – because, as you know, the weather isn’t great at the moment – I was ready in seconds and off to give Heather the debrief on my date last night… hence the need to rewind time!

afternoon tea

There is only one thing for it and only copious amount of tea will keep me going today. Incidentally this week is National Afternoon Tea week – always a fan of bite sized sandwiches and cakes and proper tea out of china mugs, I unfortunately will not be able to indulge in one this week. Instead I shall be sipping my Teatulia Black Tea, which is rather refreshing and should keep my hydrated today.

My motivation to move is at an all time low, especially as I also need to mow my lawn, it has sprung from nowhere in the time I have been away… gardening is hideous at the best of times but mix in a hangover and what should take 10 minutes is going to take an hour. Still, the sooner I get it done, the sooner I can get back to sitting on my backside all day… the gym can wait!! 😉

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