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Back To School Made Easier With Clarks

by S1m

Don’t you just love Sundays!

What should be the day of rest has so far seen me tidying and cleaning my house like there is no tomorrow. I do not have anyone special coming over, sorry Heather(!) I have just taken it upon myself to actually be productive!

I cannot complain too much though, in all essence I have had a very awesome, child free summer – as Mini Me has spent a lot of time with my parents in France (their house is for sale, check it out here!) and is now currently with her father.

Am I worried about the Back To School regime? Not in the slightest as everything is ready! Mini Me’s uniform is neatly pressed and currently hanging in her wardrobe and school shoes, the most important Back To School buy are already purchased thanks to Clarks!

I am surprised by the amount of friends who did not realise you could actually book an appointment for Clarks shoes – it allows you to walk straight in at your allotted time, without having to join the back of the sometimes very hideously long queues and be served straight away! I have personally been using this service for a number of years and cannily booked Liv’s appointment whilst still in France, for our return.

Her pretty, unscuffed, clean shoes are ready and waiting for the first day back at school and the whole process was seamless and ridiculously easy – though it did cost me another new pair of trainers! Luckily Clarks have an offer for £5 off a pair of trainers, when purchasing a pair of school shoes so that was a bargain I could not ignore.

So now that I can finally sit back and survey my kingdom knowing that everything is order, looking at the time (1:30pm), I had better actually make myself some breakfast – whilst planning my final week of child freedom!

*Many thanks to Clarks who generously sent us some vouchers in order to purchase new school shoes

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