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Saving For Your Child’s Future

by S1m

It’s one thing to consider your own future, but it is entirely another to consider your child’s future.

Times are constantly changing and I know that my daughter Liv has an awful lot more than I did when I was her age. For a start, when I was 5 years old there were only 4 channels on the television and childrens’ programmes finished at a set time. To say she is spoilt rotten is an understatement, but I am sure most parents will agree that we want to provide for our children with more than we had.

Spoiling children with gifts, days out and holidays means that they will always have memories about a set time in their life and items of sentimental value, but what about paving the way for the future in monetary terms?

piggy bank

Future proofing your child’s savings, as early as possible means that when your child is older, they will have a pot of gold that will come in ridiculously handy. Whether it be to see them through earning their degree at University or even taking that very precarious first rung onto the housing ladder, it will all help!

As a single parent, I doubt I will be able to bless Liv with the generous helping hands I have been given over the years by my parents and grandparents. To whom I am forever indebted… read they never let me forget about it! However this does not stop me making sure I put a little away when I can and it is lovely to see it growing. When the time is right and Liv does need my help, then I will at least be able to help in some way.

For the moment it is lovely to see the amount growing and knowing that is myself, doing that for my daughter. I just hope that when she is older she may be able to treat me, even if it is just to an ice-cream! A collaborative post.

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