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First Homeownership: Everything You Need to Know About Home Seating

by S1m
Egg Chair

Do you know the difference between a Barcelona Chair, an Eames Lounge, and an Egg Chair? Do you know whether any of these belongs in your home? If not, you should. Here’s how.

The Eames Chair

The Eames chair is the epitome of modern design. Even if you’ve never sat in one, you’ve probably seem it before. It was first designed in 1956, and comprised of three parts – the headrest, the back rest, and the seat.

The chair also typically came with an Ottoman for your feet. Today, you can see examples of these kinds of chairs on this page. Outside of a few retailers still selling them, there’s a permanent collection at the New York Museum of Modern Art.

The classic styling of the chair includes leather backing, and a sort of “worn” look – something that looks comfortably used. These kinds of chairs would be perfect for an informal sitting room, a den, or a game room.

The Egg Chair

The Egg Chair design was a creation of Arne Jacobsen in 1958, and loosely resembles an egg, as you might guess. It has a high backing to it that’s curved, with sides that curve up and enclose around the individual.

Egg Chair

Most designs also include a seat cushion. Over the years, the egg-shape has been refined and redesigned to look more and less like its namesake. These kinds of chairs can be pricey, or they can be cheap depending on where you purchase them. Regardless, most styles blend in easily in a breakfast nook, a reading room, or a family or T.V. room.

The Barcelona Chair

The Barcelona Chair is a thing of beauty. It sort of looks like a seat from a classic muscle car. You know the ones – the bench seat. When it was first designed in 1929, the frame was to be bolted together, but that design was eventually changed to include a one piece stainless steel frame. This new design didn’t require any bolts or screws. Chairs also typically came with a footrest.

Today, this style of chair is built for the home office, a formal living room, or even a classy Florida room.

When To Buy Which Chair, and Why

When shopping for chairs, one of the things you must keep in mind is the purpose of the room, and what you want to accomplish with the furnishings. If you’re buying an Egg Chair, for example, you’re committing to a more relaxed atmosphere. If you’re buying a Barcelona chair, you’re committing to a more formal atmosphere most of the time.

Eames chairs are for relaxing in.

You also have to consider the price you want to pay for each. None of these chairs are inexpensive, and they’re made to be paired with other furniture of the same or similar style. That’s why, before you rush out to a furniture store, it’s a good idea to have a plan.

Once you have an style outline for the house, look online for a deal before wandering into a furniture store. This gives you leverage with the salesperson and it also helps bolster your education so you’re not ignorant about what you’re buying.

Jake Fox is an interior designer with a head for the practical and beautiful. From professional design tricks to classic or quirky inspiration, he loves blogging about design for any home.


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