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Hair Inspiration For The Autumn

by S1m
Hair Up Do

There’s so much to do with your long hair. With 365 days in a year, you can utilize the time to try different looks for every season and every occasion. Not to mention, you’ll probably be using new products from Kerstin Florian hair care line or Bumble and Bumble hair spray to put a shiny finish to your braided locks or up do.

To help you decide on how to wear your hair for a certain season and occasion, here are 7 ideas especially devoted to those with long hair.

  1. Messy bun, messy braid – they give you the boho chic look that looks laidback yet modern and stylish. But if you want to achieve that Victorian, classic style, what you need to do is iron your hair flat. After that, section your hair in the middle and braid your hair on one side. To keep it sleek and polished, apply a good spritz of KMS TameFrizz De-Frizz Oil (BeautyEncounter.com, $17.64).
  1. If a side braid is an easy job for you, take the challenge by doing a French braid – upside down. Do the inverted French braid on the underside of your hair by putting your head down. When you reach the top of your head, do a firm bun and secure with elastics and bobby pins.

Hair Up Do

From Polyvore.com

  1. For a lovely date night, keep it classy and simple by having a soft blow dry. This works beautifully, especially for those with layered hair. To achieve volume, body, curve at the ends and shine all over, use a barrel type boar-bristle brush together with your blower (Walgreens.com, $6.99).

From Hairromance.com, Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2013


  1. Thinking of a different way to pull your hair up? Well do the usual messy bun but keep it loose at the crown with a few bobby pins. Next, get your trusty scarf and fold up to 3 inches thick. Place the middle of the scarf at your nape and wrap in front. Cross the two ends at the center of your forehead and bring the loose ends at the back. Now that’s a classy turban!
  1. If you feel like being a model every single day as you go to school or work, wear a messy bun on Monday, iron your hair straight and flat on Tuesday, work on big waves on Wednesday, tie your hair in a high ponytail on Thursday and then curl like crazy on Friday. Remember though to use Kerstin Florian Intensive Hair Repair during the weekend to restore moisture and repair hair damage due to constant styling.
  1. Cut, cut, cut! Not your long locks but get a fringe. When there’s a voice at the back of your mind that says you need to get a fringe, go and don’t think twice! You’ll immediately see how different and definitive you’ll look in a pony, bun or curl with your bangs.

From Findmyhairstyle.com

  1. Untamed wavy hair is one big problem when you wake up in the morning and when you have no time to wash it, curl it, or iron it. Lose the pony tail if you want to keep hair strands away from your face. Instead, work on a half-up do. Pull your hair up using your fingers from temple to temple then create a sort of loose lump on the top of your head. Secure the hair with two bobby pins at the back. For a more polished half-up do, spray Bumble and Bumble hairspray (BeautyEncounter.com, $32).

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