Review: Heat Holders Luxury Fleece Blanket

The colder nights are drawing in… which, when you are a single lady, totally sucks! Let’s be fair, it really does! Curling up on your sofa to start yet another drama series on NetFlix just does not have the same appeal as when you are curling up with someone else.

However… this is where Heat Holders step in! I already raved about the Heat Holders Snuggle Fleece that we took camping earlier in the year, it was so snuggly and warm and if it can pop a lighter due to being so warm, it is definitely a Winter must have.

Though no… I am not writing this post to tell you more about the Fleece… I am here to make you aware of the Heat Holders Fleece Blanket!!

It is possibly the best blanket EVER invented my friends, oh yes! Snuggling up on the couch in a onesie, wrapped up in the 1.4 tog, luxury fleece blanket is absolutely divine and any thoughts of a personal hot water bottle are quickly dissipated. As trust me… you will not want to share this blanket with anyone! The measurements are 180cm by 200cm which at 5ft 9″ means I am perfectly covered, with lots to spare in order to double over… double the warmth and twice the comfort!

However… I am finding myself having to share my blanket… though when she looks this cute and falls asleep under it straight away, who am I to argue over who can use it! 😉


Sunday afternoon’s were made for cuddling up, watching family films and eating absolute rubbish, don’t deny it, you are nodding along with me! The Heat Holders Fleece Blanket is the perfect accompaniment. I just have to hide it when people come round, so they do not get ideas, instead I point them in the direction of the Heat Holders website (Priced at a very reasonable £25!)… my only hope is that one day, they will consider making a onesie… as I do not think I would leave the house in anything else!


    • S1m says:

      You would want of your own too! Admit it! The fleece material is amazingly soft and warm… snuggly and in all honesty… proves why I don’t need a man! 😉

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