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Epic Deal! Frozen On DVD For £10!

by S1m

Christmas is fast approaching… with just over 70 days to go till the big day, I expect I am not the only one who is busy preparing and purchasing presents. With Liv’s birthday only a couple of days after Christmas Day, it is always an expensive, stressful time and the elves have to work overtime with wrapping! Bargain hunting is a must and it helps when sites like Suppose find great deals on a Frozen DVD for £10 instead of £15, I love a good bargain!


This year, Liv will be spending Christmas with her father, so we will be celebrating Christmas when she returns, just before her birthday. It will be present overload but I am sure she will have a fantastic time!

It has been harder this year to plan what to buy for her as she is older and so much wiser now and presents tend to be larger and even more expensive. She still loves little Polly Pocket type toys but I also think it would be wise to treat her to a tablet this year, simply for the fact it would be nice to actually have my iPad back, with charge for once!

Anything Frozen related seems to be a winner at the moment and as Suppose very kindly sent me a copy of Frozen on DVD for the purpose of this post, that is one present down and I am slightly less stressed! I have never actually seen the film yet, but I am pretty sure I already know it word for word! It will be lovely to finally cuddle up on the sofa with Liv and watch it all the way through.

There is still time to shop for more bargains and it would even be nice to treat myself for once. A Christmas present to me, from me. Well, it would be rude not to!

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