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Review: Ramion Series – Boris And The Dumb Skulls Book

by S1m
Boris and the Dumb Skulls

I always love this time of year, not only for the fact you can wrap yourself up all snuggly and warm, nor for the fact it will soon be acceptable to walk around Manchester with a mug of mulled wine (Christmas Markets start 14th November), but for the fact Halloween kicks lots of festivities off!

Already, the shops are crammed with every ghoulish and scary costume imaginable, along with accessories and copious bags of sweets, even buckets to put the sweets in! I believe there will be another fancy dress party this year, so mine and Liv’s costumes will have another outing this year!

To get us in the mood to celebrate Halloween, we were recently sent the latest book in the Ramion collection by Frank Hinks, ‘Boris and the Dumb Skulls’.

A stunning hardback book, the story follows Boris, the pet skull of Griselda the witch and his quest to start a punk rock band with the dim daft dwarves. We have been reading a chapter of the book per night, as it is quite substantial. It is perfect to enjoy a bedtime read with children and for older children to read and digest themselves.

With 80 pages, it has been enjoyable to read a chapter a night, however the book it aimed at children 7+ to be reading it by themselves. Liv is thoroughly enjoying the story and I will definitely be checking out more in the Ramion range!

The illustrations are very quirky and fit the story perfectly. The theme is very befitting of Halloween and will enable children to get into the mood for the scariest night of the year.

Beautifully illustrated by the author himself, Frank Hinks has already written 15 previous books in the Ramion series, which can be checked out here www.ramion-books.com.

Boris and the Dumb Skulls can be purchased directly from Amazon, RRP £7.99.

A brief synopsis of ‘Boris and the Dumb Skulls’…

Griselda the witch has been drinking too much evil spirit. Boris her pet skull and the dim daft dwarves are fed up of being bullied by her. They decide to form a punk rock band and seek fame and fortune. But just before they leave for their first gig two of Griselda’s dead ancestors break out of their glass tanks beneath the ruined tower. Fifi Vicomtesse de Grunch is very keen on dancing. Her husband the Vicomte expresses his feelings towards Fifi’s dancing partners with a spanner. Not surprisingly the boys’ father comes to regret dancing with her. When Griselda arrives at The Polhill Arms to reclaim her property (Boris and the dwarves) things do not work out as she expects (perhaps even Griselda is not totally beyond redemption), but unfortunately the evil spirit is still working inside her: it has not forgotten her ghastly plan of how to fill the larder.


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Bury Family Life October 13, 2014 - 4:19 pm

aww that sounds pretty cool, and an apt time of year lol

S1m October 14, 2014 - 1:29 pm

Definitely! It is a stunning book, love hard backed books – the illustrations are very fitting for Halloween


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