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Lighting For Your Child’s Bedroom

by S1m

A child’s bedroom will hold long-lasting memories until they reach adulthood, so it’s important to create a fun and welcoming environment for them to grow in. Along with ornaments, toys and accessories, experimenting with different lighting is a great way to create a magical space that your little ones will love. To help you create a room that will put a smile on their face, this guide to children’s lighting should help.

Lighting solutions

Whether you’re looking to light up the entire room or want to create a soothing atmosphere to ease bedtime, decorating your child’s bedroom offers the perfect opportunity to be creative. There’s a whole host of designs to choose from when it comes to child-friendly lighting, from wall lights to lampshades to plug-in lights and pendants. To bring an element of fun to the room, try combining an assortment of styles and designs, such as those provided by The Lighting Superstore.

Of course, ceiling lights are essential in any room and can be used to create a unique focal point as well as providing enough illumination for your kids to read and play. As well as a central light, why not try mixing it up with a retro lava lamp that projects different shapes around the room, or hang a string of fairy lights across the headboard? If your budget can’t quite stretch to elaborate lighting solutions, fixing a colourful paper lampshade over the existing bulb is a quick and affordable way to inject some character into your youngster’s room.

LED lights

It’s also worth bearing in mind that most children like to leave the light on while they fall asleep. To provide comfort and reassurance at night, LED bulbs that turn into nightlights and emit a warm afterglow will keep any fears of the dark at bay. Better yet, these energy-efficient lamps are also a great money-saving option and will last a lot longer than standard bulbs, meaning you won’t have to continually replace them.

Be creative

All kids love colourful, interactive objects, so when it comes to lighting, the more vibrant and animated the better. To make bedtime a fun and exciting time that your kids can look forward to, it’s important that the decor you choose reflects your child’s personalities and interests. Luckily, there is now an extensive variety of themed lighting that will brighten up any child’s room, from pendants in the shape of rockets to spotlights laden with friendly creatures.


For younger children and toddlers, you may also want to look at hanging mobile lighting to prompt visual stimulation. Colourful designs that are packed full of unique character and interesting shapes will inspire their imagination and creativity while offering a comforting atmosphere to help them sleep.

You may also choose to illuminate certain areas of the room, such as trophy cabinets or artwork displays. If you’re looking to encourage older children to do their homework, task lights can also make desks and reading spots more appealing. Studies have shown the good lighting can improve concentration, so be careful to choose high lamps to avoid eye strain.


Especially when choosing lighting for curious toddlers, it’s also important to consider safety. As a general rule of thumb, low voltage bulbs are the safer option as they won’t get hot when left on for long periods. Designs that are made from wood or plastic are also more child-friendly than glass or metal.

When installing lighting, try to keep cables neatly tucked away to avoid potential accidents. While most designs should be relatively simple to install, some models, like pendant lights, may require extra components when fitting.

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