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Christmas: Funky And Unusual Christmas Gifts

by S1m
X Mini Kai 2 Speaker

Looking for something a little different this Christmas? I love unique gifts, something out of the norm… so here is some inspiration for you!

AlbumCards a totally new concept for 2014. Send a personalised Christmas Card that is also an album – it includes a special code to redeem a specific album. I was lucky enough to receive two cards, one to redeem the Sam Smith and Ed Sheeran albums, both very popular for 2014! The cover of the card is the actual cover of the album cover you choose. Such a great idea to gift to youngsters. I am sure when Liv is older, she will love receiving AlbumCards from family who are not local! In the meantime, I am able to add more amazing music to my running playlist!

The process of downloading is really simple and all instructions are detailed in the card, along with a personalised message for the recipient. With a vast array of music to choose from, the cards are priced at £9.99.

 Sleep seems to be evading me at the moment and I am sure I am not the only one. Who knew that simply swapping one of my pillows would help so much! http://www.sealy.co.uk/Sealy very kindly sent me a …… for the purpose of this post and it is an absolute lifesaver! I generally sleep with two pillows but have found I am only using the …. pillow as it is larger, thicker and bouncier than my two old pillows put together. The fact it is firm and bounces back to shape, depending on how I am lying on the pillow means I am always in comfort as it maintains the correct positioning of the spine. With 28 tiny individual springs nestled in memory foam layers that aid air circulation the pillow will stay fresh and comfortable for a long time! Hopefully providing me with many good sleeps ahead! Priced at £42.50 from The Bedding Company.

I am absolutely loving the latest X-mini Kai 2 capsule speaker, I have always wanted a mini, portable speaker but knew what would happen… Liv loves it too and it unfortunately means that One Direction now gets played even louder than it used to. The handy little cable attaches directly to devices such as an iPad, tablet or laptop. However, there is an uber cool function too… it also connects via Bluetooth so I can happily listen to the music on my phone whilst doing housework! The speaker itself also has the ability to fast forward and rewind tracks meaning I do not need to keep bringing my phone back to life. The X-mini Kai 2 speaker isn’t just a standalone speaker though…it can also be used to communicate over Skype and Facetime etc as a noise-cancelling microphone. With a funky cover to protect the actual speaker, it is easy to keep in pristine condition (and one peice!) Priced at £39.95, the speaker is available in 6 funky colours and is a fantastic stocking filler! A charging cable also comes with the speaker.

I have taken some amazing pictures using my phone camera this year, though I tend to find that the quality of phone camera images is terrible when printing out. Some of my favourite images are from my trip to CanFranc, though as yet have not had chance to have them printed professional. FrameAgain finally gave me an opportunity to be proactive and with their super cute, square, magnetic frames and I jumped at the chance to test them out. My picture now sits in pride of place on my mantlepiece and I am so incredibly pleased with the results! The whole process was really easy – from uploading your image (7″ x 7″), to choosing your actual frame and frame ring… there are lots of colours to choose from to complement either your image or your decor. The frames are priced at £9.99 each… with the option to connect the magnetic frames together, you can build awesome FrameAgain structures! A cute stocking filler for Christmas!

Christmas viewing can be wrapped up over the festive season by adding a Now TV box to your TV. Turning your TV into a smart TV, this little box opens up a wide selection of programmes to keep everyone entertained. Adding a little extra sparkle over Christmas, there are seriously cute limited edition designs available, directly from Now TV, priced at £9.99. Enabling you to watch the latest movies, TV shows and sports (including Sky Movies and Sky Sports), the greatest thing about Now TV is that you are not tied into a contract. Have a look at the Nov TV site, choose the package that best suits your watching needs and away you go. The box comes with everything you need to hook up and immediately start enjoying – including a HDMI cable… why not treat your TV, along with yourself this Christmas!


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