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Ideas For Date Night At Home

by S1m

Although popping out for the night to a lovely restaurant or bar is the date of choice for many people, often there simply isn’t enough money to go through with the romantic plans that exist within our mind’s eye. There’s no need to despair however, and dates at home can be lovely experiences, often just as romantic as a three course dinner at a Michelin starred restaurant, and far easier than one might expect. Try some of these fun ideas to make your evening in a lovely one!

Dinner and a Film

If the weather’s awful or you just fancy staying in, conflating films and foods can be a great way to have fun. Try and match your chosen flick with a home cooked meal. The Godfather Trilogy- lasagne, tiramisu and wine! Amelie- Beef Bourguignon and more wine! If you really want to splash out, this amazing television bed might be a wonderful accompaniment, but perhaps not for first dates!

Game Night

This one is sure to test your relationship, but if you’re a good match then it’ll be a wonderful night! Invite other couples around, crack open the drinks and indulge in a few games. Pictionary, Articulate, Poker, even Taboo; all of these will really make the night a wonderful one, and perhaps you’d also like to throw in a friendly wager to ratchet up the excitement levels?

Living Room Camping

This one might seem silly, more at home in an article about half term ideas for bored kids, but cracking out the camping chairs, blankets, tin-foil dinners and perhaps even a tent will really put the shine on what will be a hilarious night. Turn off all the lights and crack out the torches for extra points as you and your date enjoy the little things in life!

Karaoke Night

If you and your partner are lovers of music and singing, then a karaoke night is a great idea. Line up your favourite tunes, plug in the microphones and get belting; just make sure to inform your neighbours first.

Wine & Cheese Night

Wine is surprisingly cheap nowadays, and some really excellent bottles can be found for astoundingly low prices. Take advantage of the glut and hold a classy wine and cheese night! Buy 3 or four bottles, a selection of different cheeses and crackers, lighting lots and lots of candles and popping some jazz on through the speakers. Lovely drinks, cheeses and conversations make this a wonderful choice for a date at home.


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